Homeschool Summer Sharpener #4

Happy Friday, I think!  It has been another one of those weeks.  My sweet girls are learning to work together and get along.  Ugh, the fighting, whining, and crying the past few days have escalated.  I guess this is to be expected with three girls 9, almost 6, and 3. Like my lighting bolt? Haha, even through my frustrations, I am learning to just soak in every moment.  I love my girls so much and the fact they are growing quickly helps me put things into perspective.  One day they will be grown with families of their own. (sigh)  Cherish every moment of being a parent through the early years, they fade quickly.  This I am getting a glimpse of.

Because of our emotional week, I decided to throw some character training into the mix.  Hey, this can be a part of our summer sharpeners too right?  We did our normal math, reading, and writing sharpeners through online learning games, creative writing, and fun summer stories for reading.  We are still having oven issues so we haven’t been able to do any learning through recipes.  I will have to get creative and do some summer recipes without the oven, makes sense doesn’t it? HA!

Who here has been having behavior challenges with their children?  I sometimes feel so alone in this, but I know I’m not.  It’s still an adjustment period in that aspect as we are still learning how to be together all the time. Pheww!  To top our week off, my new 3 year old who has been successfully potty trained for over a month now, has decided to do things like go potty on the floor and think it’s funny.  Ugh, again, I know this will pass.

Thinking of the families that lost loved ones in the Colorado movie theatre shooting has made my parenting struggles look so tiny.  I am truly thankful for being a parent.  Let our thoughts and prayers be also with the victims that were hurt in the shooting.

Have a blessed weekend everyone and happy summer!

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Lindsey Clair

Lindsey Clair is a homeschooling mother of three daughters. She has been married fourteen years to her best friend Ron where he is currently a Solutions Engagement Supervisor for the State of Michigan at UPS. Lindsey possesses a degree in Child Development. She hopes to pursue a degree in Marketing and Advertising in the near future. She is currently a professional blogger and freelance writer for multiple sites and enjoys working from home while homeschooling her children. Lindsey is also a musician. She currently plays the piano and flute and sings. She was formerly the children’s director at her parents church as well as on the praise and worship team. Lindsey and her family are currently in a new transition with another church and waiting on what their next move will be. Lindsey’s hobbies include reading, shopping, blogging, and hanging out with family and friends.

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