Homeschool Summer Sharpeners #5 and #6

Good morning fellow homeschoolers.  As you can see I am posting for last week and this week.  Reason?  Well, thankfully the Clair clan will be taking a vacation up state for a few days so this week will be cut short.  Because of our trip, I will not be posting next week, but will resume with our homeschool summer sharpeners the week of August 13th.

Last week and this week has been pretty calm yet unique in some ways.  Jelly Bean (3) has been learning to count with chocolate chips haha yeah part of our recipe adventures, Cup Cake (5.5) has been reading words out of a second grade reading book (yes, all on her own.  I did not motivate her in any way)  Excited mommy?  Oh my goodness, I am esctatic! And  Sweet Pea, (9) has been writing in her summer journal and keeping up with reading and math with books and online games.  When we return from our trip, they will all be working on a summer lapbook.  Can’t wait to post pics of that.

The past few weeks Sweet Pea has been our little gymnast. Oh yes, since the American Girl movie was released (McKenna series), she has been doing cartwheels and handstands like crazy and begging us to enroll her into gymnasatics.  Originally, she was going to take a her second year of tap at Central City Dance, but switched gears on us and wants to try gymnastics.  After watching some of the Olympics, you can bet this motivated her even more.  So what was I to do?  Her heart was on gymnastics and not tap so we enrolled her on Monday, July 30th at Miss Peggy’s Livonia Ultimate Gymnastics.  Cup Cake and Jelly Bean were enrolled back at CCD for ballet and tap.  Yes, our little preschooler will be sporting some new tap shoes this fall.  This mommy is so excited and so proud.  Wow, what a busy homeschool schedule we will have: Piano lessons, dance, gymnastics, etc., It’s going to be very busy but also very rewarding. I like being busy, busy is good.  Oh and speaking of American Girl, I will be getting the awesome privilege of interviewing one of the stars of the recent movie.  It will be featured over at Detroit Mommies, I will keep you posted on that.

Have a wonderful and blessed week everyone and see you on the 13th!

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Lindsey Clair

Lindsey Clair is a homeschooling mother of three daughters. She has been married fourteen years to her best friend Ron where he is currently a Solutions Engagement Supervisor for the State of Michigan at UPS. Lindsey possesses a degree in Child Development. She hopes to pursue a degree in Marketing and Advertising in the near future. She is currently a professional blogger and freelance writer for multiple sites and enjoys working from home while homeschooling her children. Lindsey is also a musician. She currently plays the piano and flute and sings. She was formerly the children’s director at her parents church as well as on the praise and worship team. Lindsey and her family are currently in a new transition with another church and waiting on what their next move will be. Lindsey’s hobbies include reading, shopping, blogging, and hanging out with family and friends.

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