Kids Create: How to Make a Bedroom Labirynth

Kids Create: How to Make a Bedroom Labirynth

Make a Labrynith

My oldest is going to be eleven this year, and for as long as I can remember she’s learned best through movement.  She’s not a hyper-active kid with intense bursts of energy (like her sister, for instance) but she’s been one to bounce around happily for hours on end, just thinking.  For this reason and many others, I’ve done very little desk-work with her – no school-at-home worksheets or the like – and often when I would read aloud to her she would skip around the room while listening.  Or I would have her read a book/passage, which she would do happily.  Then together we would discuss while also using our hands to craft or cook.

The problem comes in when she skips around the room late at night during “blue time” {see Rhythm Rainbow} out of habit and without consciously thinking about it.  She doesn’t quite realize she’s doing it and if it weren’t so loud I wouldn’t mind.  In fact while she is moving I’m certain she’s thinking of other absolutely wonderful, amazing and creative things, so this is GOOD!  I don’t see anything wrong with her wanting to move in some way, but skipping at midnight is noisy.  I don’t enforce early bedtimes but as you can see from the Rhythm Rainbow, we need quiet activities for when we are winding down.

For a few years now I’ve been prodding my brain trying to come up with a way to engage her quietly at night.  I had the light bulb that getting a rug with a labyrinth/maze on it would be an awesome solution, but oh my, are they pricey!   Then I wondered for some time, how could I affordably make a labyrinth on her carpet myself?  I couldn’t come up with an application that would be easily applied to a dirty old synthetic carpet.

Until now.

I did most of this at night, hence the poor picture quality.  It took maybe 3 hours total to complete.  Hopefully you are able to get the gist of the project well enough; if not, please drop me a line with any questions.  Don’t forget to vacuum really well first!

I suppose you could iron duct tape to a linoleum play room, as well.  That would be fun!  Who wants to try it and let me know?

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