Blingerz Review

Blingerz Review

Blingerz GiveawayI received a package recently, the contents of which was a product intended just for a mom of girls – like me! I was also given the story behind the product, which reads: “Two moms, sick and tired of the prices of blinged-out shoes, especially for kids whose feet grow constantly, decided to figure out a way to make it easy for other moms to bling-out their daughters’ regular gym shoes without having to spend a ton of money.”

Right away I was intrigued, since I am a huge supporter of small and mommy-ran businesses!
We homeschool (as you know), so while my kids are most certainly not sheltered from trends in fashion and fun, I suppose we’ve been immune to the pull of certain products by being largely unaware of the schoolyard economics that inspire them.

There are plenty of things that my kids covet but so far sparkly shoes don’t seem to be one of them yet. (Or perhaps it’s more to do with Raye being largely disinterested in flashy things and AV being finnicky?) As we tend to think outside the box here, it was easy to see the Blingerz as great sparkly new craft things though!

Raye immediately saw them as the perfect size studs to supply her Littlest Pet Shop toys with a lifetime Free Blingerzof stick-on earrings. AV has of course given her toys many a makeover using the Blingerz as well. She has also personalized her stainless steel water bottle and Playstation remote control, both of which were already distinctly hers, and yet she is a girl always welcomes an opportunity at expressing her individuality. As she already has sparkly sneakers (as it seems that in her size the affordable shoes are saturated with bling already) she agreed that her Crocs now needed Blingerz as well.

As for myself, I’ve considered adding a strip or two to my own cell phone and probably still will. Heck on Pinterest recently I saw this great picture of a bedazzled KitchenAid mixer and it took a minute or two to talk myself out of adding some Blingerz to my own (my husband uses it more than I after all).

However, I must admit that if I saw them in the store I would pass them by. At first glance they seem to have only one true intended application, and aside from it they are little more than very overpriced rhinestone stickers. All that being said, I can see them being a way for a troop of Girl Scouts, Cheerleading Team, or the like to afford-ably add a touch of matching flair to their group.

I imagine it would likely be an affordable and fun thing to bring a team or birthday party together – the perfect favor for a craft-challenged parent. Regardless of what I think, my kids have enjoyed sharing Blingerz with their friends. Kids can often find the value in things that even crafty adults overlook, can’t they?

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