iPieces iPad Game Review

iPieces iPad Game Review

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iPieces iPad Game Review & Giveaway

By on November 26, 2012
iPieces Review

iPieces are a fun new accessory that turns your iPad into an interactive multi-player game board.  Each iPieces game comes with the games pieces that coordinate with a free downloadable app.  There are a lot of fun, classic games available, including:

Air Hockey:

Now, you can turn your iPad into an on-the-go air hockey table! When the buzzer sounds, move your iPieces striker, go for the animated puck, and try to score a goal in your opponent’s net. Hear the crash of real iPieces hockey strikers as they come together in this fast-paced action- packed game. Each player can represent a country of their choice to compete in a variety of fun and exciting tournaments. Includes two iPieces air hockey strikers and free downloadable app for iPad.

Snakes & Ladders:

In this classic game, players enter the world of the Wild West, complete with prairie dogs, cactuses, tumbleweed, and, of course rattling snakes. On your turn, tap the virtual game die to “roll” it and move your special iPieces game piece along the interactive game board. When you land on a ladder space, put a real iPieces ladder on the iPad’s surface and leap ahead, closer to finish. Land on a snake’s head and slide back down to the end of its tail. Watch and listen as the animated snakes comes to life, writhing and hissing. Includes four iPieces playing pieces, two iPieces ladders and free downloadable app for iPad.


Put your fishing skills to the test! Get your iPieces fishing rod ready and try to catch as many fish as you can. Use your fishing rod to hook the animated fish as they open their mouths, and then drag them into your bucket. But, watch out… there’s a pike swimming in the pond that will let your fish loose, and a hungry stork flying above that will try and sneak a fish from your bucket. Hear the water splash over the iPad and feel the real iPieces fishing rods entwine as you play against other fishermen. Includes four iPieces fishing rods and free downloadable app for iPad.

Game of Goose:

Now this enchanting, classic children’s board game comes to life like never before. Choose a goose-shaped iPiece, tap the virtual die to “roll,” and move around the interactive game board. See how the real goose iPieces unlock fantastic visual and sound animations, as virtual geese fly across the game board or get stuck in a well. Includes six goose iPieces and free downloadable app for iPad.

I was lucky enough to try the Air Hockey & Snakes and Ladders games with my daughter.  We both thought the game play was fun and that the responsiveness was pretty decent, particularly for the Air Hockey game, where the “puck” speed was determined by the force of your play.

While the game of Snakes & Ladders lacked instructions on how to play the game, we were able to figure it out and enjoyed how the snakes moved & made sounds.

iPieces come attractively packaged, making this a great gift idea; and, at only $12.99, it’s budget-friendly too.


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