4 Tips for Homeschool Record Keeping


We can say that being a parent is the toughest job in the world. You take care of all your child’s needs and want to make sure that everything is all set for them. From the food they eat up to the clothes they wear, you want to make sure that they are getting everything in good or high quality. If you‘ve decided to homeschool your child, this is like multiplying the regular parent job three times.

In addition to being a parent, you are now your child’s teacher, counselor, principal and school administrator!  The “teacher” part is fun and what most of us can really sink our teeth into; it’s the “administrator” part that can be a drag.  Record keeping is a big part of your job as the school administrator.  Here are four tips to help you along:

  1. Records are not only there for the sake of rules. It is a very effective way in keeping track of your child’s performance. This can look like your diary or daily journal. What’s matter is you state there the accomplishments, areas for improvement and suggestions for the day.  You could also include your child’s homeschool journaling pages as part of your records.
  2. Record events. This is to ensure that no important thing is missed and this can also serve as an evaluation sheet for the day.
  3. Write down assignments. Plans and assignments should be presented in an organized manner. You can have a clear view of what areas have been covered, and the available time for other extra activities you can give your child.
  4. Make a portfolio. Achievements should be recorded. Making a portfolio of your child’s artwork or writing can make your kid get more encouraged to do well. By having this, you’ll be able to present to your child how he’s been with the other activities and he can see clearly what his strengths are and other areas where he needs improvement.

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