3 Fun Science Experiments Using Everyday Objects


Teaching science in your homeschool doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated.  (I can’t guarantee that it won’t be messy, though!)  With a few, simple, everyday objects from around the house you and your children can conduct these fun science experiments easily!

Click the “next” arrow for experiments to learn about gravity, static electricity and sound.  Get ready for some fun!

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Coat-Hanger Chimes

Big Ben at the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Palace, London, UKConcept: Sound

Tie the hook of a wire coat hanger to the center of a piece of string about five feet long.  Wrap one end of the string several times around your left index finger; then wrap the other end the same way around your right index finger.  Push the tips of both fingers into your ears.

Now bend forward and allow the hanger to strike against the side of a chair.  You’ll be startled to hear the sound like the chiming of an old-fashioned clock or church bell tolling in the distance.

The done is produced, of course, by the vibrations of the hanger.  The sound waves are transmitted to your eardrums via string and fingers!

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Coat-Hanger Chimes

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