6 Online Sources for Learning About History

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free_online_history_resourcesYou can head out to the library whenever you need to get your hands on history resources. You can also purchase books that provide the information you need. But you don’t have to do either of those things. The Internet puts a wealth of history resources right at your fingertips.

While we can’t list them all, here are 6 online sources for learning about history:

PBS Online:

Yes, PBS is good not only for educational TV viewing but also for learning about history online. The PBS website has a wealth of information about people and events in history, a bunch of online exhibits, timelines, photographs and more. There’s even a bunch of resources specifically for teachers.

BBC History:

This site has long been a source of information about people and events from around the world. You’ll find not only detailed written passages about a surprisingly wide range of history subjects but also videos, timelines, photos, activities and games. You’ll also find resources intended specifically for kids.

Khan Academy:

While this site doesn’t have a huge list of history topics, it does have enough to keep you and your child busy for quite a while. The great thing is they’re set up in video lesson format, so you can pick a topic and follow along from lesson to lesson without having to hunt for the information you need for a well-rounded view of the topic. Many topics even include quizzes!


Visit this site when you’re looking for world and American history topics. You’ll find a range of historical galleries, history in the news, web-only history exclusives, pictures of the day, questions of the day, and daily quizzes. You’ll also find links to interesting, informative features in historical magazines.

Social Studies for Kids:

While it doesn’t cover every topic, this site does cover a wealth of world and United States history subjects. It includes everything from ancient civilizations and wars to archaeology and government. Need maps, timelines, fun facts, and games for use in your homeschool? Don’t worry. You will find them here.

Smithsonian Education:

Surf on over to this site to find a database you can use to find all kinds of lessons and resources, including activities you can use to teach history. The Educators section is the place to go to search for history topics while the Students section provides an interactive way to learn about the Smithsonian’s exhibits.

The above list of history links is just a small selection of what’s available on the Web. Try them out in your homeschool program and let us know what you think.

Here are some other history resources you might like:






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