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Hands On Science Experiments for Learning About Sound

We’ve shared a lot of science experiments, here at Modern Homeschool Family, and today, we have another fun STEM lesson plan on exploring sound.

This lesson plan includes 4 science experiments for learning about sound. This lesson plan can be used with one child or a group and is appropriate for an all-ages introduction to the concepts of sound.

4 min read

Plan Ahead for Your Christmas Literature Unit

This movie is based on the real-life story of how Charles Dickens was inspired to create the characters and pen the classic, “A Christmas Carol.” I couldn’t help but think of what an awesome unit study this would make!

1 min read

Make Snack Fun with These DIY Butterfly Snack Bags

Whether you need to bring snacks for a crowd or just want something to go along with your butterfly theme unit, these DIY Butterfly Snack Bags are easy and fun to make!

1 min read

Great Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Homeschool

I love that I can relax with the children while the neighbors have to get up and get out the door on time. Nothing makes a new year start out right like a slow relaxing morning except maybe these great ways to celebrate the first day of school with your homeschooler.

3 min read

5 Affordable Homeschool Field Trip Ideas for Middle Schoolers

In the 21st century, kids can virtually visit any place online. However, there’s something to be said for getting out of the house and into the real world to learn and explore. Here are 5 affordable homeschool field trip ideas for middle schoolers that can enhance your curriculum offline!

3 min read

Broccoli Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad Recipe

Did somebody say “bacon???” This recipe is great for cook outs, pot lucks, picnics or to have on hand just because it is so good!

2 min read

FREE All About Me Printable

This free All About Me printable can be used to mark the first of day of “not-back-to-school” or as an exercise in helping your child recognize how unique and special he is.

Download it today and share this post with a friend – the worksheet is completely FREE!

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Cute and Fun Chalkboard Notebook Craft

Whether you’re getting ready for “not-back-to-school,” need a group project for scouts or just need a rainy day project, I hope you enjoy making this chalkboard notebook.

1 min read

What to Teach When Homeschooling Sixth Grade

meschooling Sixth Grade | Sixth grade builds on knowledge and skills gained in fifth grade while exposing children to increasingly more complex topics. Here’s a simple guide for what to cover and develop in sixth grade.

3 min read

Resources for Learning About the Solar Eclipse

Let the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Spark Your Child’s Interest in Science and Astronomy! Here are some fun resources to get you going!

4 min read