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5 Fun Ways to Teach Fractions

Learning about fractions is an integral part of any middle school curriculum. Teaching these concepts can be tough, but
these fun ways to teach fractions can make the probability of learning so
much stronger! (I love Math puns.)

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Using Maps to Study Literature

Maps are traditionally aligned with Social Studies and Geography curriculums, but they can be extremely useful in studying literature. There are so many different resources to explore when learning about the setting of a story. Here are a few different ways to use maps to study literature in your Language Arts curriculum!

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31 Writing Prompts for Teens

You hear it all the time. The way to get better at writing is to just do it. . .write! What happens when the words don’t flow? You can sit there waiting for divine inspiration to strike from the muses, or you can have writing prompts ready at your disposal to help you fight so-called “writer’s block”. Here are 31+ prompts (one a day and then some for our short months) to kickstart your writing!

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Now Available! The 50 States Notebooking Unit

Our “Learning the United States of America” notebooking pages can easily fit with your current curriculum, providing a fun, easy way for your child to record the facts he or she has learned. They can also act as a standalone, complete unit study, and you and your child can use Internet research and/or the library to gather the facts to record on each notebook page. No matter how you choose to use our notebook pages, they are sure to become an integral.

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Christmas Around the World Unit Study

This unit study is not only fun but it’s really easy for moms and dads to teach, with very little prep work on your part. This unit study takes your child on a journey around the world to discover different Christmas traditions. You get the information you need to study each county, notebooking pages and more!

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