What does the Modern Homeschool Family look like?  They might be following a traditional curriculum or they may be using theme unit.  They may be using virtual school or they may be unschooling. Education of the children may be under the careful guidance of a mom.  Or a dad.  Or a grandparent. They could be living on one income or both parents may work.  They might be entrepreneurs, working from home.

Once stereotyped to have large families, grinding their own wheat berries and wearing matching clothes, homeschoolers today are a wonderfully diverse community.  It’s a community that includes you, however you choose to educate your children (and whether or not you make your own bread).

The Modern Homeschool Family website is here to provide resources, encouragement and inspiration in all aspects of your lifestyle.  After all, homeschooling, regardless of what shape or form it takes in your household is a lifestyle.

Our site is edited by a team that includes veteran homeschool families, newbies and everything in between.  We invite you to subscribe to our weekly newsletter (see that box in the upper right hand corner of your screen?) or our RSS feed and become part of our community.

We’re always open to new ideas and new voices.  Feedback and inquiries are welcome at mail(at)modernhomeschoolfamily(dot)com.