Cheerful little girl in a pink cap puts out the tongue in forest

When’s the last time you heard a good joke that you could actually share with your kids?

Whether you are planning an animal theme unit or just want a little laugh, here are 5 animal jokes to share with your kids!

Did you hear about the cow who wrote a joke book?


It’s udder nonsense.


Why did the pony take cough medicine?


He was a little hoarse.


What to friendly pigs become?


Pen pals.


Why are computers like sharks?

From Creta aqarium

They both have mega-bytes.

Playful girl

Why do bears sleep through winter?


Because they don’t have alarm clocks!

Want more animal laughs?  The jokes included in this posts are from the book 99 1/2 Animal Jokes, Riddles, & Nonsense.  Be sure to grab your own copy today to read the other 94 1/2 jokes!

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