Emergency Homeschooling

Resources to Help You Start Homeschooling in a Pinch

Homeschooling when it's your own decision is scary enough! Right now, with so many preventative measures being taken due to COVID-19 many schools are being closed either temporarily or through the remainder of the school year and families across the United States and around the world are finding themselves with children at home and needing an education.

You can do this.

As a homeschool mom that also worked full time from home for fifteen years, I know it can be done. Some days will be harder than others and some days are going to be so amazing and you will take those memories with you forever.

This website is filled with a many, many resources for all families. To help you navigate through your temporary homeschool and through all of the content on this website, I've (tried) to organize the most helpful information into one place.

Tips for Getting Started

Helpful advice for getting started on homeschooling at any time.

Special Situations

Working from home, special needs, fidgety kids and more.

Resources and Curriculum

Planning is half the battle.

What to Teach

Handy guides for every year.

Homeschool Consulting

Are you still anxious about homeschooling through COVID-19 (or just homeschooling at all)? Get a call from someone that can help!

Homeschool Consulting

Are you struggling with homeschooling? Whether you need advice for emergency homeschooling, getting through high school or just today, we can help. Book your one hour consultation with a veteran homeschool parent that has “been there; done that.”