Year by Year Teaching Guide for Homeschoolers

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Without a doubt, homeschooling can be rewarding, both for parents and their children. But it can also prove a mighty challenge. As a parent, you have an incredibly important job. Not only do you want to teach your child in a manner that feeds his brain and nourishes his thirst for knowledge, but you have to figure out what to teach him in the first place. Once you finally have that covered, you still have to decide when is the right time to cover each concept. Fortunately, we can help you with that.

Year by Year Teaching Guide for Homeschoolers

We’ve created this series to help you on your journey, providing grade level specifics you can use as a guide whether you’re planning how to support your preschooler’s curiosity and creativity, deciding which science to teach your 5th grader, or trying to ensure that your child is well prepared for life and education after high school.

This series of guides will provide not only the information you need to decide what to teach but also hints and insights into how to teach it. Thanks to this series, you can move forward with confidence that your child is on the right learning track. Keep it handy throughout each year of this amazing adventure we call homeschooling.

Year by Year Teaching Guide for Homeschoolers

This guide is a practical no-fluff ebook that gives you exactly what it says it does. We’ll show you what’s most commonly covered in every subject in every grade from preschool through graduation.

Here’s a peek at what’s inside:




We’ll be sharing more excerpts and information about each grade level in the weeks to come but if you want the full eBook for yourself, it’s available for purchase right now!  Get everything you need to know for every grade level, all 190 pages, in an instant download for just $15.

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I give homeschooling parents a lot of credit. I would be so overwhelmed. It’s definitely not for everyone. I love that you share tips and help for other parents that make this decision.


Wow, homeschooling is so in depth! My hat goes off to you and other homeschool parents, it’s a hard job. I’m sure those parents appreciate your guide. I’ll be sure to pin this post for other parents that I know! Thanks.

Liz @ Yes/No Films

I never really thought about all of the work that goes into homeschooling. Kudos to you.


What a great resource! You’ve definitely done your homework (no pun intended 😉 )!

Crystal Wachoski

I give kudos to anyone that homeschools. I think I would lose it.


I’m a teacher, but I often use homeschool blogs and websites to get resources from. It’s a shame that public school teachers and homeschool parents don’t have more collaborative opportunities!

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