projects to inspire creativity in kids

5 Useful Projects to Inspire Creativity in Children

Art & craft projects are supposed to inspire creativity in children, but they don’t have to remain limited to only the traditional origami, collages, and coloring projects. You can introduce a number of off-beat projects to their curriculum that goes beyond the usual and teach them craftwork that is not only creative but quite useful as well.

5 Projects to Inspire Creativity in Children

Start incorporating more opportunities for children to be creative in your homeschool lesson plans. Here are five projects you can complete with little preparation and you mostly likely already have most of the materials on hand at home!

DIY Luminaries Craft

A simple battery-powered white tealight can easily be transformed into beautiful luminaries with the help of paper bags, colored tissue papers, clear tape, a sealant, Pergamenata paper and some optional stickers and paints. It takes a bit of precision and know-how, but kids can do it with a bit of guidance.

Making Cards

The very act of making cards for someone close to you is special, whether you are a child or not. However, the Adobe Spark card maker makes this process easy enough to be approached by even small children. This is similar to designing a white card but is much more economical, approachable, and it offers a lot more options than is ever possible with pen and paper. You don’t have to worry about buying new cards and materials every time and the children are free to experiment as much as they want. Once they are done with the work, simply print out the cards you need and save or discard the rest.

The LEGO Birdhouse

There is a whole range of useful things that people make out of LEGOs and that’s not really very surprising, given that they are building blocks after all. We have chosen the Lego birdhouse here because it’s relatively simple to make, easy to wash, and looks absolutely gorgeous amidst a flower garden in the yard, or even on your windowsill. Your children may need some help with this though, along with a lot of Lego blocks! Remember to make the house and the openings appropriately sized for the kind of birds you want to attract.

Make Wind Chimes

The wind chime is an ancient ornament which is amazing and simple at the same time. It is one of those rare percussion instruments that is constructed by man but played by nature. Find a stick or a branch that’s at least a foot long and then shave off any sharp or protruding parts first. Hang at least 6 – 8 (more if you want) colored metal pieces or useless keys from it with separate strings for each. Do color the metal pieces or keys in different shades to make it look beautiful. Hang the wind chime outside a door, window or in the garden.

Painted Paperweight Craft

As we begin to rely more and more on our digital formats, paper is losing its value, but it isn’t over for the paper industry yet, and that’s why you need some beautifully painted stones from your kids to keep the newspaper and the documents down at home. Find some smooth rocks and let them paint on it with acrylic colors. The imaginative mind of a child can make the paperweights look amazing.

Art doesn’t always have to be practical, so feel free to incorporate as many varieties of it into your children’s craft classes as you can. Different projects stimulate different sections of the brain as children learn and improve while working on those projects. Nevertheless, the five projects above should add an extra bit of usefulness and incentive to your kid’s art & craft project.



Easy Kids Crafts: Sew a Gift Bag

If you are looking for an out of the ordinary way of wrapping your gift this season, then this one is for you! This heart pouch can be used again right after serving its purpose. Sounds economical, right? This can be sewn by non-crafters and you don’t need to be a craft expert to do this. You also have the freedom to personalize this since you are the ones making it compared to the one being sold in the market. So if you are up for an adorable gift for mom, then let us begin sewing this heart pouch now!

Easy Kids Craft: Sew a Gift Bag

Gather all the materials needed:

  • 2 pcs. crafting felt (pink and red)
  • yarn of any color
  • crochet thread
  • a big sewing needle
  • a pair of scissors
  • wooden skewer or any thin stick (optional)






Step 1: Cut a piece of rectangle from the pink crafting felt. The dimensions should be at least 30-centimeter in length and 10-centimeter in width. The dimensions are flexible since you can cut this based on your needed size. This will be the body of the pouch.



Step 2: Cut a medium-sized heart from the red crafting felt.

Step 3: Place the heart in the middle part of the pink body. This should be placed on the one-third portion from the top of the body. Sew this heart using a running stitch near the side of it.

Step 4: Fold the top and the bottom ends of the pink body towards the back portion of it. The back portion is the portion where the red heart is not visible. The folds would be at least 1 to 1.5-centimeter in width. Sew this using a running stitch.

Step 5: Fold the pink body into two equal parts and sew the sides of it using running stitch. Leave the topmost part open. Do not stitch the folded parts on top.

Step 6:  Insert the yarn on the pipe opening on the topmost part of the pouch.

Step 8: Cut the end of the yarn once you decided how long you want your yarn is.


Step 9: Create a loop at the ends of both yarn on the left and right.

Step 10: You can now place your precious gift to this lovely heart pouch.


This adorable heart pouch can be made by simple non-crafters since this only involves the simple running stitch. You can also use this pouch for other purposes, such as watch, bracelet or earrings pouch whenever you travel. Practice your creativity and who knows? Maybe you have the eye and the artistic hand for it! Have fun and spread the love!


Make Your Own Toe Socks

Why do you need toe socks? I have no idea but they sure are fun. Easy enough for little hands and cool enough for the teenagers to make too.

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Mint-Infused Coconut Oil Body Butter

Homemade gifts are just the best! They are really fun for the giver to make and the receiver knows that much time and love went into the gift. This recipe for Mint-Infused Coconut Oil Body Butter fits the bill quite nicely! It’s easy enough to make with the kids and delectable to use!

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