Make Snack Fun with These DIY Butterfly Snack Bags

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Whether you need to bring snacks for a crowd or just want something to go along with your butterfly theme unit, these DIY Butterfly Snack Bags are easy and fun to make!

Butterfly Snack Bags Craft

Butterfly Snack Bag Craft Supplies:

Ziploc Bags & Snacks
Piper Cleaners
• Paint
• Paintbrush
• Glue (Hot Glue or School Glue)
• Scissors
Googly Eyes
• Black Permanent Marker


Butterfly Snack Bag Craft Instructions:

1. Lay down some scrap paper and paint the clothespins. Paint the front and sides. Allow them to dry, turn over and paint the back. Set aside and allow to dry completely.

2. Use a clothespin and dip the end into paint and dab across the painted clothespins.

3. Bend the pipe cleaners in half and cut.

4. Twist two different colors of pipe cleaners together.

5. Curl the pipe cleaners in at one side.

butterfly snack bag craft

6. Glue the pipe cleaners inside the top of the clothespin.

butterfly snack bag craft

7. Glue on googly eyes.

butterfly snack bag craft

8. Use a black permanent marker to add a smile.

butterfly snack bag craft

9. Fold a ziploc bag back and forth like an accordion. Place ziploc bag inside clothespin with the top zipper facing up.

butterfly snack bag craft

10. Gently open the top zipper and add snacks.

11. Your craft is finished. Enjoy!

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