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famous people who were homeshooled by their fathers

Famous People Who Were Homeschooled By Their Fathers

famous people who were homeshooled by their fathers

In celebration of fathers Day on June 21st, let’s meet these famous personalities who were homeschooled by their fathers.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Epic composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a talented musician even when he was young. At a very young age of 6, he and his father started taking European tours to play piano. His father homeschooled him while on these tours.

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale was home-schooled by her father. She is the founder of modern nursing and the founder of the Nightingale Training School for Nurses and St. Thomas’ Hospital.

Woodrow Wilson

The 28th US president, Woodrow Wilson, was home-schooled by his father until the age of 16. He then attended Davidson College in North Carolina, and later transferred to Princeton University. He also attended law school at the University of Virginia for two years.

Louisa May Alcott

Louisa May Alcott, who wrote Little Women, was home-schooled by her transcendentalist father, Bronson Alcott, until the age of 16. She studied alongside famous thinkers Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau.

Susan B. Anthony

After an instructor in a public school refused to teach female pupils long division, Susan B. Anthony’s father decided to homeschool her. She is the famed teacher-turned-abolitionist and suffragette.

Venus Williams

Like her sister, Champion tennis player Venus Williams, was home-schooled by her father as a child in between practicing tennis for six hours a day.



Father’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make


Father’s Day celebration is almost here, and what’s a better way to express our love for dads than hand-made gifts our kids can make?

fathers day 9

Put your child’s hand on fabric and melt dad’s heart.

fathers day 1

Here’s a fun treat jar that will go perfectly with Dad’s work desk.

fathers day 10

Tell dad how much you love him with this cute, heart-warming card!

fathers day 12

You can never go wrong with a few extra treats!

fathers day 5

How about the celebratory Father’s Day tie? Nice and simple way to say “I Love You”, right?

daddy coupons

 Even dads love coupons and they are perfect gifts moms and kids can make.

father's day gift ideas 12

Some candies and twine and viola… bowties for the dapper dads!

fathers day gift ideas 14

 How about a “Daddy’s Stache” treat jar? Awesome!

Get ready to surprise dad this weekend! He’s been working had all-year round to give his kids the best things they can ever have. And even a simple gift can go a long way to let him know that the kids love him very much! 😉


Homeschool Dads

Getting Dad Involved in Homeschooling

Homeschool Dads

While homeschooling has it’s many rewards, it’s not always an easy process.  Aside from coming up with a very wise decision, setting up your house ideal for homeschooling, it is also right and just to think about who’s going to be the teacher for the kids. What if both parents are hands on to their kids? Will it be possible? Will it be better?

It doesn’t necessarily mean that since it’s homeschool we are talking about, it is always mommy who’s on call. It really depends on the family’s relationship with each other and how serious they are when it comes to their roles in this decision.

Traditionally, Mom has a lot of things to do at home. Household chores, budgeting, maintaining a very good growing environment for the children. It is right that we can get a little help from Dad, right? However, making Dad a part of your homeschool might take a little flexibility, but here’s a few ideas to get you inspired:

  1. Sit down, make your educational plans together for the upcoming school year. You should do this together as parents for your kids will be your benefactor for this. Both parties should be heard equally for mom may have a good idea but who knows, dad may have a better one.
  2. Daddy’s voice should be heard. Ask him on how he liked to be involved and in what way his involvement should be. A very nice communication between parents is one of the major keys in having homeschooled children.
  3. If dad has a regular job, you can schedule a day in which he can take the kids to work so that they will know what he was doing after leaving home. This is another great opportunity to teach the kids know the sense of others and the importance of money.
  4. If dad’s work requires a lot of traveling, why not ask him to set up a field trip so that the children can have a breather with Dad?

Dad plays a very big role in the family so as with their education. Make him feel valued and treasured when it comes to decision making and the family’s welfare.

5 Foods to Increase Your Metabolsim Collage UE

Metabolism Boosting Foods

As parents and caretakers, we need all the energy we can get.  There’s no time for feeling sluggish or run down.  If you’ve been feeling that way lately, it may be your metabolism that’s slowing you down.  Take care in what you eat and you’re body will take care of you.  Consider adding more of these 5 foods to your diet and see if it doesn’t help make a difference!

5 Foods to Increase Your Metabolsim Collage UE

Red Beans

You may be a little afraid to eat red beans, but this specifically a great food to help boost your metabolism. It’s full of protein and ready to help burn extra food through your body.


Most berries are naturally delicious anyways, but strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are the perfect food to help speed up your metabolism. Not only are these foods healthy for you but they can also help burn some of those fat cells.

Green Veggies

If you love green veggies, then you’re in for a real treat. Veggies actually help speed up your metabolism. This is especially true when you eat broccoli. Since broccoli and other veggies do not have a lot of calories, but give your body the nutrients it needs.

Citrus Fruits

Who would have thought that citrus fruits would give your body that extra oomph it needs? Dig into foods like grapefruit and oranges because they really help speed up your metabolism. You should be careful about the amount you eat because eating these types of foods can impact prescriptions from your doctor.


Guess what? You can eat cereal again! However, the type of cereal you will want to eat should be high in fiber. Fiber does all sorts of good things for your body, including increasing your metabolism.


Maybe you just want to make sure your body burns the food you eat faster or you’re just hoping for a healthier lifestyle, these five foods will keep you moving in the right direction.

homeschool dad

A Dad’s Involvement in Homeschooling

homeschool dad

This post originally appeared at A Dad’s Involvement in Homeschooling | Homeschool Daddy Blog.

This post is compromised of a collection of thoughts I shared from someone else asking me about my involvement as a father with homeschooling. They may be published somewhere else in some kind of format, but after writing them I decided I wanted to share them here  as well. I believe I’ve touched on a lot of areas that are important and should be heard by fathers and mothers. Would love to hear your feedback about them.

The Teacher or the Principal?

My wife does do the vast majority and over-site of the homeschooling of our two children. However, what we have tried to do from the beginning is equip them to be self-supportive in their efforts with each subject. My wife will setup and workout the plan, and then allow them to execute it as needed. I have provided more direct involvement with the kids in their lessons in math and science. Since I’m also self-employed I’ve enjoyed the flexibility to work from home frequently and provided support as needed for all subjects during the day when I’ve been available or when home after work.

I don’t know of many dads that are the “primary” educator for their children in homeschool efforts. Much of what I see are dads that are supportive from the effort through their role as provider for the family and working hard to allow their wife to stay home and provide the homeschool education. As we have become more involved in the homeschool community around as well I see more and more dads that are actively engaged in the process, even though they may not be the “primary” educator in the home.

Being Welcomed in a Mom Dominated Community

I would say I haven’t felt unwelcome by women in homeschooling by any means. I believe there is too much of an absence of fathers being actively engaged in the effort, so this provides both a general discomfort when there is a man involved in a group primarily dominated by women. However, I also see an excitement from many of those same women to see a husband and father actively engaged in that family support of the wife.

Read more about Jason’s thoughts on being a homeschool dad at  A Dad’s Involvement in Homeschooling | Homeschool Daddy Blog.

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