Father’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make

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Father’s Day celebration is almost here, and what’s a better way to express our love for dads than hand-made gifts our kids can make?

fathers day 9

Put your child’s hand on fabric and melt dad’s heart.

fathers day 1

Here’s a fun treat jar that will go perfectly with Dad’s work desk.

fathers day 10

Tell dad how much you love him with this cute, heart-warming card!

fathers day 12

You can never go wrong with a few extra treats!

fathers day 5

How about the celebratory Father’s Day tie? Nice and simple way to say “I Love You”, right?

daddy coupons

 Even dads love coupons and they are perfect gifts moms and kids can make.

father's day gift ideas 12

Some candies and twine and viola… bowties for the dapper dads!

fathers day gift ideas 14

 How about a “Daddy’s Stache” treat jar? Awesome!

Get ready to surprise dad this weekend! He’s been working had all-year round to give his kids the best things they can ever have. And even a simple gift can go a long way to let him know that the kids love him very much! 😉


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