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Choosing the Right Homeschool Curriculum for Your Child’s Learning Style

The beautiful thing about homeschooling is the wide variety of curriculum options available. That can also be the most overwhelming thing about homeschooling. With so many options, choosing one can be a source of anxiety.  Picking the wrong curriculum can create a homeschool environment that’s not enjoyable for anyone. One important way to make sure…

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Educational Opportunities at Epcot for Homeschoolers

Educational Opportunities at Epcot for Homeschoolers is made possible by, a trusted resource for discount Disney World tickets.   As a homeschooling family, you know that learning doesn’t stop because the text books are put away. We seek out opportunities for our children to learn every day; whether it be a life skill like…

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Free Robotics STEAM Lesson Plan

This free Robotics lesson plan is made possible by hoopla digital, one of my favorite STEAM unit study resources. Please consider expressing your thanks to hoopla digital on Twitter or Facebook. All opinions expressed are those of the author. To utilize time well in the homeschool classroom, I often try to integrate different curricular areas…

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What to Teach When Homeschooling Eighth Grade

Learn what to teach when homeschooling eighth grade with this practical guide covering language arts, writing, reading, match, science, history, art and more.

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Free Humidity Lesson Plan and Worksheet for Homeschoolers

Are you learning about weather? One weather element that can be a bit confusing is humidity. There are so many fun experiments and resources to discover on the concept. Here’s a Free Humidity Lesson Plan to try with your student!

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How to Teach Subjects You Know Nothing About When You’re Homeschooling

While we all took math, science, writing, and reading courses as students, some of the exploratory areas are not as familiar to parents trying to give their children authentic homeschooling experiences. Here are some resources to help you learn how to teach subjects you know nothing about.

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Free Planets Unit Study for Homeschoolers: STEAM Education

This unit study will help your child learn about the eight planets, understand the concept of gravity and the planets’ orbit around the sun. Packed with hands-on activities, these lesson plans are designed to keep children engaged throughout the study.

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Making Math Meaningful for Teens: Practical Homeschool Advice

Spending time with teens to make math relevant to them now can help them build strong math competencies to achieve success later. So how can parents engage their teens in math-focused activities that both can enjoy? Here are tips to help you capture your teen’s interest and make math meaningful in many ways, through encouragement, entertainment and empowerment.

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Create a STEAM Unit Study with Free Online Resources from hoopla digital

Learn more about how I create unit studies and how hoopla digital can help you in your quest for creating STEAM focused lesson plans.

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How to Make Your Own Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are and excellent tool that can be created easily and inexpensively. Not only are they fun to make and play with but the benefits of using sensory bins in your homeschool are numerous. One of the easiest and least expensive sensory bins to make is a Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin. Just like the name implies, you’ll use rice, and a few other materials.

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