How to Teach Subjects You Know Nothing About When You’re Homeschooling

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how to teach subjects you know nothing about

Homeschooling gives you the flexibility to teach electives such as foreign language, music, art, computer skills and typing. With that flexibility, however, comes the need for resources to help you teach those content areas. We often find ourselves wondering how to teach subjecting you know nothing about when you’re homeschooling.

While we all took math, science, writing, and reading courses as students, some of the exploratory areas are not as familiar to parents trying to give their children authentic homeschooling experiences. Here are some resources to help you learn how to teach subjects you know nothing about.

How to Teach Subjects You Know Nothing About When You’re Homeschooling

The education of homeschooled children isn’t limited to their parents’ expertise or experiences. There’s a wealth of resources for learning and teaching:

Homeschool Foreign Language

Rosetta Stone

One of the most popular software programs to help anyone learn a foreign language also has a huge presence in homeschooling. Learning a foreign language with the online subscription program is incredibly affordable and allows your child to learn at a pace that is comfortable for them and fits into your curriculum. Rosetta Stone’s program teaches language with an immersion program that doesn’t require translation. Learn any of 23 languages including Spanish, French, Chinese (Mandarin), Arabic, and more. The program comes complete with progress reports and monitoring tools to help your child. Rosetta Stone is also a great program for English language learners. Even if you know nothing about teaching or speaking a foreign language, you can use Rosetta Stone in your homeschool.

Homeschooling Parents

Other homeschooling parents in your online or local community have talents and resources to share. If you have a parent who speaks a foreign language, ask them if they would be willing to provide curriculum or teach your child. In exchange, you can help their children learn a special skill. Maybe you are an expert in the kitchen or have a particular artistic skill. Perhaps, you have a musical skill and can help a child learn an instrument. With any area of study, your group of homeschooling parents can be a valuable resource.

Homeschool Music

Music Appreciation

Teaching music isn’t just about reading sheet music or learning how to play an instrument. Exploring different types of music by taking cultural trips to local museum events that showcase local artists in different genres or even attending outdoor festivals. Churches are also great places to listen to instruments and choral music. Teach your children to appreciate a wide array of music by simply exposing them to various genres.


Although there is some questionable content on YouTube, the instructional implications for learning specific skills like playing an instrument are infinite. Everything from beginning guitar and piano lessons to learning how to play the ukulele or the flute is available in video form. Help your child find a safe and reliable channel and explore an instrument they would like to learn.

Homeschool Art

Art Museums

Take a sketchpad or an iPad and step into a local art museum to teach your child about different art styles and classifications. In addition to viewing famous local, national, and international artists, your child can emulate different styles in their notebook or tablet in order to practice their own techniques. By looking at a variety of different art styles, they’ll develop their own. Encourage your child to display their art at home and experiment with different materials.

Pottery Places

Most communities have pottery or ceramic shops where for an affordable price, your child can paint their own creation which is then glazed and fired for them to take home and treasure. Some pottery places may even offer memberships or special rates for homeschoolers. Check local community centers as well for ceramic or pottery classes.

Homeschool Computer Skills has taken the K-12 coding world by storm with programs like “The Hour of Code”. You don’t have to code for one hour once a year, however, Lessons are available online to create apps and games using a variety of coding languages including HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It’s all free!


Scratch is a web-based platform from the MIT Media Lab that helps kids create their own animated stories and games. No previous coding knowledge is needed, and kids love to see their creations come to life. This program is also completely free.

Homeschool Typing

Today’s children may be computer literate and tech-savvy but knowing how to use devices does not always mean they are proficient at typing. Keyboarding is an important computer skill that is often overlooked in curriculum even in traditional schools. With Typesy, your children will use the same curriculum available to schools, but you will be able to tailor it to your schedule and children’s needs. Keyboarding and typing skills have vast benefits for your homeschooler. If your state requires computer-based state testing, being able to type can help them with test taking skills. Even more valuable, typing skills help your child be ready for their lives after homeschooling in either college or the workforce. Almost any occupation requires some keyboarding skills. Being able to type quickly and efficiently will help your child complete work and post-secondary schooling assignments with more confidence and clarity.

typesy homeschool program

Another benefit to using Typesy is that it’s fun! These aren’t just standard typing tests. With a personal, real coach to help your child through a game-like typing experience, they will be ready to reach and exceed their typing goals. You’ll receive updates on their progress, and your child will be excited to share their results!

From learning a different language, playing an instrument, creating a work of art, learning to code, and keyboarding like a pro, there are bound to be subjects you know nothing about in your homeschool. Utilizing libraries, homeschooling parents, local resources, pre-packaged curriculum, and amazing online resources like Typesy, your child’s elective homeschooling experience will be rich and well-rounded.

how to teach subjects you know nothing about

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These are great resources! Thanks for the list. I particularly love Rosetta Stone. My son is currently a bit too young for it, though he likes to watch me when I’m studying; we’ve used Muzzy as an alternative for him (just the free videos available on YouTube for now!).

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