Easy Kids Crafts: Sew a Gift Bag

If you are looking for an out of the ordinary way of wrapping your gift this season, then this one is for you! This heart pouch can be used again right after serving its purpose. Sounds economical, right? This can be sewn by non-crafters and you don’t need to be a craft expert to do this. You also have the freedom to personalize this since you are the ones making it compared to the one being sold in the market. So if you are up for an adorable gift for mom, then let us begin sewing this heart pouch now!

Easy Kids Craft: Sew a Gift Bag

Gather all the materials needed:

  • 2 pcs. crafting felt (pink and red)
  • yarn of any color
  • crochet thread
  • a big sewing needle
  • a pair of scissors
  • wooden skewer or any thin stick (optional)






Step 1: Cut a piece of rectangle from the pink crafting felt. The dimensions should be at least 30-centimeter in length and 10-centimeter in width. The dimensions are flexible since you can cut this based on your needed size. This will be the body of the pouch.



Step 2: Cut a medium-sized heart from the red crafting felt.

Step 3: Place the heart in the middle part of the pink body. This should be placed on the one-third portion from the top of the body. Sew this heart using a running stitch near the side of it.

Step 4: Fold the top and the bottom ends of the pink body towards the back portion of it. The back portion is the portion where the red heart is not visible. The folds would be at least 1 to 1.5-centimeter in width. Sew this using a running stitch.

Step 5: Fold the pink body into two equal parts and sew the sides of it using running stitch. Leave the topmost part open. Do not stitch the folded parts on top.

Step 6:  Insert the yarn on the pipe opening on the topmost part of the pouch.

Step 8: Cut the end of the yarn once you decided how long you want your yarn is.


Step 9: Create a loop at the ends of both yarn on the left and right.

Step 10: You can now place your precious gift to this lovely heart pouch.


This adorable heart pouch can be made by simple non-crafters since this only involves the simple running stitch. You can also use this pouch for other purposes, such as watch, bracelet or earrings pouch whenever you travel. Practice your creativity and who knows? Maybe you have the eye and the artistic hand for it! Have fun and spread the love!

9 Spooky Halloween Activities

9 Spooky Halloween Activities

9 Spooky Halloween Activities

If you are looking for Halloween fun you are in the right place! I found 9 Spooky Halloween Activities that I can’t wait to try with my family this year. I have a feeling you are going to love a few of these activities too!

From DIY decorations to handmade treat bags there is something on this list for everyone!

Water Color Resist Spider Web
Spooky Expanding Ghost
Spooky Glowing Eyes
Halloween Monster Yard Lights
Spooky Spider Craft
Spooky Shadow Puppets
Count Dracula Craft
Spooky Eye Ball Treat Bags

Which of these 9 Spooky Halloween Activities do you want to try first? I think the Water Color Resist Spider Web and the Halloween Monster Yard Lights are pretty spectacular!

If you have a favorite Halloween activity I would love to hear about it!

pirate activities for kids

Ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day?

Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19th! Want to celebrate in your homeschool? Check out these easy & creative ideas to get in the spirit!
Pirates - Educents Blog

Pirate Treasure Hunt – This is a great activity for pirate fun at home over the weekend! Make your own map, hide pirate treasure, and watch your little ones follow directions to search for the Pirates’ Gold!

Island Adventures Reading Program – Join Pete Pirate and his crew with instruction and practice in advanced phonics skills, sight words, vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension! 75 lessons teach fundamental reading skills for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. Recommended ages 6 to 9.


Treasure Map Pizza – Decorate your homemade pizza with olives, peppers, and a tiny red pepper for the pirate ship!

Meet the McKaws – This is such a fun pirate-themed book for Kindergarteners! Captain Stan and Tiny McKaw are rough-and-tumble pirates. Whether it’s searching for treasure or battling on the high seas, this adventurous duo is up for anything.

Pirates’ Treasure & Crafts

Pirate Math and Literacy Activities – The pirate literacy activities include wall words, syllable sort, picture bingo, and more! The pirate math activities include four math activities that would deb a great addition to any pirate-themed unit.

Pirate Crafts and Treasure Chest – Make a pirate hat, homemade pirate hook, spyglass, treasure chest, gold coins and more!

Pirate Craft

Paper Plate Pirate Craft – Use household items to craft a happy pirate face! This is an easy activity for kids and parents to complete together at home.

Exploding Treasure Chests Pirate Science – Dive into some pirate science with Exploding Treasure Chests!! It’s a great sensory experience as the solid, freezing cold chests turn to mush and expose treasures hidden within.

Pirate Theme Classroom Mega Bundle – Want to set your classroom in a pirate theme? This package includes pirate-themed word wall cards, calendars, customizable name tags, classroom jobs poster, time telling posters set, and more!

2 necklace pinnable image with text

Autumn Necklace: Easy Kids’ Craft for Fall

2 necklace pinnable image with text


This is one of my favorite crafts because it is inexpensive, easy to do and not messy at all! It is a great way to bring the family together when you need a low stress activity that will please everyone or a group activity for a classroom or party.


Depending on the ages and capabilities of the children doing the activity, you may want to let them cut the straws and punch the holes in the leaves, or you may want to have these steps already completed so they just do the designing and stringing.




diy fall necklace supplies


  • Paper Straws in Assorted Fall Colors and Patterns
  • String, cord or twine
  • Scissors
  • Paper Hole Punch
  • Silk Fall leaves


2 necklace cut straws
1. Cut the straws into pieces of varying lengths.


2 necklace hole punch leaves
2. Take each silk fall leaf and punch two holes (as shown) so that it can be threaded onto a string.


2 necklace straws cut
3. Measure the string to the size that you want your necklaces to hang adding approximately 4 inches to allow for tying a bow or knot.


2 necklace up close threading detail


4. String the straws and leaves onto the cord in your own design.


necklace 2 final image
5. Tie the ends together and have fun!
10 Mother's Day Cards Kids Can Make - Featured

Mother’s Day Cards Kids Can Make


10 Mother's Day Cards Kids Can Make - Featured

Everyone’s now busy with ideas to help let mothers everywhere know how special they are. We’ve rounded up these Mother’s day card ideas kids can make. So get those li’l hands busy and let’s give mom a surprise.

“Nobody knows of the work it makes
To keep the home together,
Nobody knows of the steps it takes,
Nobody knows — but Mother.”
Author unknown

home is where mom is

Home is definitely where mom is.

5 Things I Love About My Mom

5 Things I Love About My Mom

to the moon and back

My little princess pinky girl.

Small Hands

A gentle reminder for my mom.

Mom, you're a-rawr-able.

Mom, you’re a-rawr-able.

Fingerprint Sheep Mother's Day Card Idea

Fingerprint Sheep Mother’s Day Card


Flap book Card for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day Flip the Flap Flower Card

3 Eco-Friendly Tea Cup Cards by She's Batty DesignsEco-Friendly Tea Cup Cards by She’s Batty Designs

pop up moon and back

I love you to the moon and back.


10 Mother's Day Cards Kids Can Make - PF

easter home decor ideas

DIY Easter Home Décor Ideas

easter home decor ideas

It’s time to get into that festive mood again as we celebrate Easter. We’ve rounded up some tips here on how to bring that festive feeling into your homes!

Button Easter Eggs


Aren’t these Button Easter Eggs cute as a button? (Pun intended!)

Pineapple Easter Eggs

pineapple easter egg

These Pineapple Easter Eggs look so yummy I’d like to eat them!

Easter Egg Tree

easer egg tree

You and your kids will definitely have fun decorating your Easter Egg Tree.

Hydrangea Easter Egg Topiary

easter egg topiary

How about a beautiful Easter Egg Topiary on your side table?

String Easter Eggs

colored string eggs

Tie these Colored String Eggs together and hang them for a more festive look.

Watercolor Easter Eggs

water color easter eggs

These Watercolor Easter Eggs is a fun activity you can do with your kids.

Easter Egg Basket Centerpiece

string eggs

These String Egg Baskets will make for a great centerpiece on your Easter table.

Eggshell Votive Candles

eggshell votive candles

Aren’t these cute? Egg Shell Votive Candles

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Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids


It’s almost Easter time, and we know you’re all excited as we are! Wondering how to make your kid’s Easter celebration more special? We have rounded-up these great Easter baskets you can make with them!

Frozen Anna Easter Basket

frozen easter basket

How about a Frozen Anna Easter Basket this year! 🙂

Tutu Easter basket

easter basket tutu

Isn’t this adorable? Tutu Easter Basket – we bet it is!

Fabric Easter Basket

fabric easter basket

What can you make with a few swathes of fabric plus some imagination? Fabric Easter Basket

Stuffed Toy Easter Basket

stuffed animal easter basket

Give your kid’s plush toys a make-over, make them into a Stuffed Animal Easter Basket.

Soda Bottle Easter Basket

Soda Bottle Easter Basket Craft

Upcycle your old plastic bottles and transform them into Soda Bottle Easter Basket.

Recycled Paper Easter Basket

Recycled Paper Easter Basket

This is a simple, easy way to make fabulous Easter basket using paper, Recycled Paper Easter Basket!

Button Easter Bag

easter basket buttons

Isn’t this as cute as a button, Button Easter Bag?

Victorian Easter Basket

victorian easter bag

Add a little touch of sweetness to your celebration with this Victorian Easter Basket.

Mickey & Minnie Easter Baskets

mickey & minnie easter basket

If your kids love Mickey and Minnie Mouse, they’ll definitely love these Mickey & Minnie Easter Baskets.

Crochet Easter Basket

crochet easter basket

Add some rainbow to your Easter with this Crochet Easter Basket.

Edible Easter Basket

edible easter basket

Who says you can’t have your basket and eat it, too? Here’s an Edible Easter Basket your kids (and you, of course!) will love!

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