5 Free Recipes from Disney•Pixar’s Inside Out

inside out recipes 1

In Disney•Pixar’s original new film “Inside Out”, five Emotions are hard at work – Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. And now, we’re sharing with you here 5 recipes inspired by these emotions! 🙂

  1. More-Is-More S’mores
  2. Hot-Headed Tuna
  3. No Cry Comfort Food
  4. Panko-Protected Long Beans
  5. Is-That-Broccoli? Pizza

Download your Inside Out recipes now!

inside out recipe 1

More-is-More S’mores

inside out recipe 5

Hot-Headed Tuna

inside out recipe 2

No Cry Comfort Food

inside out recipe 3

Panko-Protected Long Beans

inside out recipe 4

Is-That-Broccoli? Pizza


Let’s watch the trailer here:

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