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Homeschool Resource Dogs Decoded

How much does your child know about dogs? They make great pets, of course, and can truly be man’s best friend, but did you know some dogs are incredibly smart, too? Documentaries can be a great way to learn about some amazing topics. Dogs Decoded [HD], available for free via Amazon Prime, brings fascinating facts about dogs to light. You and your child won’t want to miss this one.

Dogs Decoded is jam-packed with interesting facts about our furry friends, but here are a few of the highlights:

  • Think a dog can’t distinguish real words (fetch toys based on their names) or find objects based on their pictures? Dogs Decoded proves that wrong.
  • Wondering about the evolution of dogs from wolves and whether doggie personalities are a result of evolution or nurturing? Find out in Dogs Decoded!
  • What do dogs understand about our emotions? Yup, that’s in there, too.
  • What happens when you breed tame wolves with other tame wolves? There are some surprises here!
  • What if you raised a wolf cub like a puppy? Would the end result be closer to the dogs we keep as pets or the wolves that live in the wild?
  • Wondering how dogs were domesticated? What made them into such great pets? Dogs Decoded has the answers.

Go ahead and watch Dogs Decoded for the surprising answers to these and many other questions. Then, use this free teacher’s guide to get the most out of this amazing video lesson. The guide is designed for use with children at or above the 5th grade level. For younger children, the Top 10 Favorite Dog Breeds and More Identification Worksheet may fit the bill. Want more? Check out Enchanted Learning for more doggie printables for the younger set.

Homeschool Resource Dogs Decoded - PF

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