Let’s Learn About Canada Theme Unit for Homeschoolers


If you’ve been following Modern Homeschool Family for any length of time, you know that we just love theme units! If you’re a new reader, be sure to search for “theme unit” in that handy search box above for a treasure trove ideas!

Today, we’re proud to announce a new theme unit for our readers!

Let’s Learn About Canada Theme Unit for Homeschoolers

The “Let’s Learn About Canada” Theme Unit is 63 pages long and takes students through learning about Canada through reading, internet activity, hands-on activity, worksheets and more.

This is an exciting and powerful learning tool for your child. We’ve included a variety of materials so you can customize this unit towards the reading and ability level of your child. For older students, be sure to have them explore the links included for additional reading!

This theme unit for homeschoolers is a steal at $5 for an instant-access download.  Less than a name-brand cup of coffee for a 63-page theme unit!

Just click any of the images below to get instant-access to the “Let’s Learn About Canada Theme Unit for Homeschoolers”:







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