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Homeschooling Teenagers - Featured

Are you thinking about homeschooling your teenager? Wondering where to start or even if it’s possible to start homeschooling during the teen years? No worries! You can do it! Here’s a few helpful tips!

6 Tips for Homeschooling Teenagers

  1. Make sure that your child can still socialize. It doesn’t mean that if your child already has a set of good friends, it’s already enough. They have to widen their network. They have to mingle and learn how to make sensible conversation with others. They have to develop this skill as they will help them deal with others in the right way.
  2. Consult the university that your child is eyeing. Make sure that homeschooling is honored in their university. Also ask if the curriculum you made for your kid while she is with you can be credited. Of course, you’d also want your child to graduate on time.
  3. Instill proper study habits. Be strict when it comes to giving out exams and tests while at home. Make sure that they grow up with the right habits in preparing for tests or even quizzes. This can help them along the way.
  4. Always check if they are doing their work at the right time.
  5. Take note of everything they do. Through this, you can monitor your child’s progress and assess what are their strengths and weaknesses and you can use that log to revise your teaching style and lessons.
  6. Teach them to follow the schedule. Yes indeed you are at home and “you can do everything you want”. Be sure though that you are instilling proper study habits and make them think that even if they are at home, they still have to follow study rules.

Have you homeschooled a teenager? What are your tips? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!

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