Activities to Encourage Creativeness in Children


It is true that all children have the potential to be creative in his or her own aspect. However, this particular potential that they come with may get stifled if their creativity is not properly nurtured and stimulated. It is the creativity inside us that defines the uniqueness that one possess. And as the saying goes that there is no such thing that we cannot, it is also our responsibility to make the upcoming generation able to bloom out their potentials. These creativities may not be their career option from the very beginning; rather it is the duty of the parents to ensure that their children get so much exposure in that particular creative field that it becomes one of the options for the children to develop a career.


There are several activities for kids which will help to develop a sense of creativity in your children. Some of them are listed below:

How to Encourage Creativeness in Children

Creative Painting

One of the favorite pastime for all children is painting. It is one of the arena where the child ushers all his or her creativity in one canvas. Introduce your child to a whole new aspect of painting where they get access to fabric painting, glass painting, molding craft and 3D painting to name a few. Another such art is clay modelling which will be an instant hit amongst the children. These are some of the fun art activities for preschoolers which will help them grow interest in this particular field and will be a great help in expanding their thinking abilities. It is also the duty of the parents to make sure that they do not help them much. It is better to allow them to give vent to their world of imagination. It is actually better to appreciate their work instead of criticizing them. This will give them more enthusiasm to prepare better pieces of art.


Drama and Play Acting

Another important way to encourage creativity amongst children is play acting and drama. There are numerous ways in which you can make it possible. You can ask your child to pretend to be anything- from a cat, a giant, a lion, a tree to non-living objects like a lawn mower, a pencil sharpener or might be the entire world. Make them think about what it is likely to be a pencil sharpener or a dog. You can even ask them to make the sound of the topic that they are trying to imitate. Ask them to give a spontaneous response. This will help to sharpen up their analytical minds and act according to the things that they encounter in their day-to-day life.



This is one of the skills that will provide a huge boost on your child’s imagination. Give them a scenario to ponder upon. Ask them to be spontaneous. Let them develop a story on that particular scenario and ask them to present it to other people. Ask them to make those story as interesting as it gets. If they can grow the confidence of presentation in them, that will be a wonderful characteristic in them to be used later in life.


Junk Modelling

This is one of the most recent activities that can be included in the to-do list for teaching your child. Ask them to collect whatever junk items they can find in the house. Provide them with some glue, different-colored pens, scissors and all other required materials and ask them to make something that they can imagine of. It can be a house, a cave, any animal, dolls or anything else that can come to their mind. For example, they can use toilet rolls to make snake or a telescope. Encourage them to go for such creativity without interventions in the form of strictness or critical analysis of their art.


Funny Outside Games

This is an activity that your child will love to do. Ask them to go out and play innovative games which they can design on their own. Your child may be a bit confused at first; you can start the process by introducing games like peek-a-boo or stone skipping. This will help your child to develop fresh ideas about innovative activities. It is better that you take participation in such games as well; this will give them the confidence and self-satisfaction. Such outside activities for children will help them develop their thinking abilities.


In conclusion, it is noteworthy to mention that creativity is a sure boost for the young minds. It is very crucial for the development of their analytical and observatory skills. So it becomes an essential responsibility for the parents to nourish such thinking minds. Some of the aforementioned activities will help the parents in their endeavor to develop creativeness in their children.


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I’m not sure if I did any of these as a child, but they sound fun. Thanks for the list.


Story telling and drama and acting are wonderful creative outlets! This list was very interesting.


I love this post. I miss my girls being young. These were fun times.

Crystal Wachoski

Junk modeling sounds fun and different. I love doing activities with my girls

Courtney Howell

Oooh! I love these ideas. I am not a creative by nature, but by daughter is. I’m always looking for fun things we can do together to nurture her creative side. I love the storytelling idea! – Courtney from

Ron Leyba

Great list of activities. Will keep all of them in mind. Thanks for sharing!

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