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5 Vocabulary Games for Middle School

One of the most effective ways to improve test scores, writing, and reading comprehension is to improve vocabulary! Why have students copy down definitions or make old-school flash cards when they can learn new words with some fun games? Here are 5 vocabulary games for middle school students you can try in your homeschool!

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5 Fun Ways to Teach Fractions

Learning about fractions is an integral part of any middle school curriculum. Teaching these concepts can be tough, but
these fun ways to teach fractions can make the probability of learning so
much stronger! (I love Math puns.)

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8 Free Middle School Math Activities

What makes kids “get it” is bringing math to real life. Middle schoolers aren’t thinking about balancing a checkbook or figuring out miles per gallon on their vehicle, but we can help them make those connections. Taxes are at least a few years away, and most have mastered counting back change. Understanding the practical applications for Math practice today can help
students apply their learning into adulthood.

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Homeschooling a Middle Schooler



Are you considering homeschooling a middle schooler? Here are some tips to get you started in helping your child get quality education at home.

Buy your books personally.

You want to give your child proper math, science, spelling and history lessons, right? By personally choosing what books to use, you are making sure that the books you get for your kids are in the correct grade level and came from reliable writers and publishers.

Make a lesson plan.

As the teacher, you have to make sure that you are making use of your time and effort in a very useful manner. You want to make sure your child is learning every lesson you prepared within the desired time and duration. Too much of something might be bad.

Be knowledgeable about what you teach.

As a teacher, it is always a rule that you study first the lesson thoroughly before presenting it to the class. It should also be like this in homeschooling. There might be questions that your child will raise related to the lesson. Of course, you don’t want to be caught off guard.

Know his interests.

Homeschooling shouldn’t stop your kid from doing extra-curricular activities. Sign him up in other classes like arts, music, sports, etc. after class. This can also widen his skills and knowledge.

Keep your lessons simple and routines easy to follow.

Since you are at home, there’s going to be a lot of distractions. Making everything easy to follow for him can definitely make him concentrate on his studies better.

Support your student.

Make him feel that you are all in this together and that he can count on you no matter what happens.

Have fun.

You don’t want to confuse your child about the roles you play at home. You want your child to enjoy learning with you. At the end of the day, you are still his parent who he can count on.

7 Tips for Homeschooling a Middle Schooler - PF

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