Preschool Printable Candy Sorting Activity

Candy drops

I’ve talked about using math manipulatives in your homeschool before. With Halloween approaching, why not put that loot to good use to help reinforce preschool learning with this free preschool printable candy sorting activity.

Printable Candy Sorting Activity 1

Simply print out this worksheet (you may want to laminate it to use again next year), give your child instructions to sort out her candy by color then count how many she has in each color.

Don’t limit your fun and learning to sorting by color! Try these learning extensions:

After sorting and counting by color, trying adding two colors together.

Count the candy by 10’s, 5’s or 2’s.

Sort your candy alphabetically.

After you’ve indulged, try making these adorable candy wrapper flowers!

Try the “sink or float” candy experiment!

How else could you use your leftover (is there really such a thing?) Halloween candy in your homeschool? Share your ideas in the comments section below or on Facebook.

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