Make Your Own Toe Socks

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Thumb socks or otherwise known as toe socks, finger socks or glove socks, originated in the late 1960’s at Pennsylvania, U.S.A. by Ethel Russell.  Thumb socks are originally knitted in which each toe is encased following the concept of classic hand gloves.  These are designed for both men and women, but it was originally targeted to women.  These are also made from different materials and can be in the form of an anklet, below the ankle socks or even knee socks.  These can be ideally used for buffalo sandals or even flip-flops during the early years.  These are also believed to have its prime function of keeping the feet warm especially in between the toes.

If you are in a hurry to have a pair of toe socks or would just want to make their own instead of buying a pair or two in the market, then this tutorial is for you!  We will be transforming a normal pair of socks into a pair of new thumb socks in less than 20-minutes.  This is easy and fun to make and it won’t hurt your wallet also.  So if you are fond of revamping things around you, then let us begin!

Materials needed:

Prepare all the materials needed for this tutorial:

a pair of socks

a sewing thread (same color as the sock)

a sewing needle

a pair of scissors

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: 

Create a V-cut on the tip of the socks.  Make sure that you have made an approximate as to where your foot toe would land on the tip so that the cut will be precise when done.

Step 2: 

Thread the needle.  Make sure to loop the end of the thread twice.

Step 3: 

Begin sewing the V-cut on the tip of the socks.  Use a small running stitch for this and start at the bottom part of the V-cut all the way up to the tip of the sock.  Do this for both of it.  Make sure to sew the wrong side of the sock.

Step 4: 

Turn the sock inside out and try to flatten the sewn part out.

Step 5: 

Try the socks on your feet and make the necessary adjustments if needed.

Step 6: 

Done and ready for use!  You can now easily convert your pair of socks into a new pair of thumb socks!

These pair of thumb socks is perfect for sandals, clogs, flip-flops or any footwear that require your thumb toe to be isolated from the remaining toes.  This is can be done in minutes and can go at par with the ones that are being sold in the market.  You can also use a sewing machine for this if you are not that well-versed and confident with your hand sewing output.  Hope this works for you like we did!


Rachel Dean

So easy yet so cool for people you love to wear sandals and flip flops year around! Thanks for the idea!!


Ha, interesting. Not sure if I’ve seen these before but they look comfortable.


LOL that is so funny. I have never even thought of this.


This would be helpful for my yoga classes. Now in the cold weather I need socks but my little toe “fingers” are too clumsy being in their “mitten”.

Kara Skelton

This is a great tutorial, but I have one tiny correction… They definitely weren’t invented in PA! These are tabi socks, a piece of clothing originating in Japan. Sources say the 15th century, however it could be earlier.
This could be a cool enrichment project if you’re teaching your young ones about other countries and their culture!

Either way, I’m glad I’m not the only one wearing these with sandals!


Good to know! Thanks for pointing that out. 🙂

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