What to Teach When Homeschooling Preschool

While there aren’t any hard and fast rules for what to teach when homeschooling preschool (it’s mostly about playing with them and loving on them), this guide will provide some suggestions on what to cover to prepare them for Kindergarten.

What to Teach When Homeschooling Preschool

At this age, children learn primarily from play, interacting with others, and observing the world around them. Each child learns at his or her own rate as well, and there’s no set of facts or concepts your preschooler absolutely needs to know at this age and stage. The list below simply covers what your preschooler may learn during this period.

Preschool Language Arts

This is the age and stage at which your child will begin to recognize and identify letters of the alphabet. By the end of preschool many children will be able to identify all of the uppercase letters, some of the lowercase letters, and the sounds the letters make. Your child may begin to recognize his name when printed out and make solid attempts at writing it himself. He may also write some other short words, such as mom, dad, dog, and cat.

Preschool Reading

At this age and stage, children typically love being read to and looking through books on their own. Many pretend to read books, which is a precursor for reading. Reading to your child for even a few minutes per day can encourage a lifetime love of the written word.

Preschool Color and Shapes

During preschool, your child will likely learn the names of shapes and colors or add to those she already knows. This stage is also marked with more accurate naming of the body parts and objects around the house.

Preschool Math

In the preschool years, children learn to recognize and identify numerals up to 10. They also learn to count to 10. Many are also ready for basic additions, such as saying that one toy plus another toy makes two toys.

Preschool Art

At this age and stage, your child is likely ready to begin cutting with safety scissors, tracing, and using glue and paste in artwork. He may also begin to make recognizable drawings and paint with a paintbrush.

For more details on what to teach when you homeschool Preschool and the other 13 grades, check out our Year-by-Year Teaching Guide for Homeschoolers:

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Thanks! My son is exactly this age now – good to see his skills are matching up with this list too.


Pre school age is so much fun because they really want to learn. They are like little sponges. I kind of miss that age.

Crystal Wachoski

I miss those days of preschool. So much fun and work.

Detroit Duchess

I just had a friend make a comment about not sending her child to preschool and the judgement she was receiving. This would be perfect for her!

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