Tips for Homeschooling a Preschooler

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Tips forHomeschoolingYour

Homeschooling can be a very big help when it comes to strengthening the relationship between the parent and the child. However, deciding to start early at this may require a lot of time and effort and also may need some special considerations. What are those?

Tips for Homeschooling a Preschooler

Here’s a short list of some of the things needed to remember when homeschooling your preschooler:

  1. Prepare short lessons. If you have been with kids for quite some time now, you know how short their attention span is. Making short lessons can definitely be beneficial to both of you for you – as the parent won’t get frustrated if there’s a lesson that can’t be covered. And for the child, he is not forced to do something that he is not interested in at the moment.
  2. Make your lessons child-friendly. Think of ways how to entice your kid. You can use games as a medium for teaching or make use of colorful visuals and photos for your props.
  3. Make use of the 5 senses. Formulate activities that will encourage your child to use their 5 senses.
  4. Do not baby talk. Talk to your kids in an adult vocabulary. This can prepare them in the real world of language.
  5. Learn what interests them. Follow their interests. Through this, you are not only making them learn, you also encourage them to speak and explore other possibilities around them.
  6. Incorporate lessons about values. This age is a critical age to teach good manners and right conduct. They are like sponge at this stage. Children can absorb everything presented to them. Take advantage of the time.
  7. Let them explore things around them. Give them art materials like paint, sand, glue, papers, anything! Challenge their tiny little hands to make something creative!

Homeschooling should not stop your kids from learning and exploring things. In fact, this should encourage them to be more inquisitive, observant and creative in their own little ways.

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