Cute and Fun Chalkboard Notebook Craft

Here is a fun, easy craft that’s great for all ages – and useful too! Whether you’re getting ready for “not-back-to-school,” need a group project for scouts or just need a rainy day project, I hope you enjoy making this chalkboard notebook.

Cute and Fun Chalkboard Notebook Craft

Four supply items and six steps is all it takes to make this chalkboard notebook craft!

Chalkboard Notebook Craft Supplies


Chalkboard Notebook Craft Instructions:

Lay all of your supplies out on a surface that you can get messy if you need to

Place a sheet of scrap paper inside the front cover of the notebook

Using the chalkboard paint and foam brush, paint the front cover of the notebook using up and down strokes.  Cover the notebook cover completely in paint.  It may take a few coats.

Chalkboard Notebook Craft Supplies


Allow the paint on the notebook to dry.

Once the cover is dry, use chalk to write, draw or doodle on the cover.

Chalkboard Notebook Craft Step 1


Enjoy your new notebook!

Chalkboard Notebook Craft Finished


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Chalkboard Notebook Craft


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