Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids: Upcycled Tabletop Teddy Bear

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The teddy bear is one of the most common soft stuffed toys that are given during Valentine’s Day, usually accompanied by a box of chocolates and some flowers. It’s said that the name “Teddy” originated from the former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt.

This tutorial would teach us how to make a decorative Valentine teddy bear.  This is a tabletop décor that can be made by kids too, with minimal supervision.

Upcycled Valentine’s Day Craft: Tabletop Teddy Bear

Gather all the materials needed for this tutorial:

  • a piece of toilet paper roll
  • brown, red and beige construction board
  • a pencil
  • a black pen
  • a pair of scissors
  • hot glue

Steps for this tutorial:

Step 1:

Wrap the toilet paper roll with brown construction board.

Step 2:

Draw a half-body bear on the remaining piece of brown construction board.  This should include the head, the torso, and the big circular ears. (if you aren’t artistic, you can download this template)

Step 3:

Cut the brown bear figure.

Step 4:

Cut a medium-sized oblong from the beige construction board.  Glue the oblong on a landscape orientation at the lower middle part of the bear’s face.  This is the bear’s snout.

Step 5:


Cut a small heart shape.  Glue this on the topmost area of the bear’s snout.  This is the bear’s nose.

Step 6:


Cut two small circles from the beige construction board and glue this on top of the bear’s snout.  This will serve as the bear’s eyes.

Step 7:

Add some details on the face of the bear.  Use a black pen to draw the mouth, the eyeballs, and other details.

Step 8: 

Cut two medium-sized hearts from the red construction board and glue it on the middle body of the ears.

Step 9:

Cut a medium-sized red bow and glue a small beige oblong in the middle of it.  Hot glue the red bow on the neck of the bear, just below the bear’s head.

Step 10:

Hot glue the bear on the toilet paper roll.  Make sure that the toilet paper roll is placed on the middle body of the bear.

Step 11:


Cut a big red heart from the board.

Step 12:

Hot glue the heart in the front face of the toilet paper roll.  This is opposite to the body of the bear.

Step 13:

Cut a pair of arms with hands on the brown construction board.

Step 14:

Glue the arms on the sides of the bear’s body hugging the toilet paper roll together with the red heart in front.

Step 15:

Write your lovely message to your loved one on the big red heart.

Step 16:

Finally done!  This cute tabletop Valentine bear is now ready for display!

If you want more fun Valentine’s ideas, be sure to check out this Pinterest board!



Super cute! I used to craft all the time as kid, and I would have loved making something like this for Valentine’s Day.


i literally can’t with how cute that is! my baby girl is 9 months old but I want to file this away for next year when we can make it together! all the heart eye emoji!

Crystal Wachoski

Cute! I love doing crafts with the kids. It’s quality time!

Detroit Duchess

This is so cute! I have fond memories of crafting with my mom for every holiday! We were always making something.

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