8 Great Online Resources for Homeschoolers


There is a plethora of online resources you can use to help with homeschooling. From online homeschool support groups for parents, lesson plans, games and worksheets, you can pretty much find it all.

Of course, we can’t list every, single, online resource for homeschoolers in one blog post, but we can share a few of our favorites to get you started.

Great Online Resources for Homeschoolers


They offer an all-inclusive and growing guide of homeschooling resources and services.

The Homeschool Lounge:

The Homeschool Lounge is a virtual park bench for homeschoolers, where you can share the ups and downs of your homeschool journey. You can easily find support, encouragement and plenty of resources in their forums and groups.

Homeschool World:

Easily find events, groups, forums and more for your homeschool needs.


HSsegue provides homeschooling event management tools for organizing local homeschool events. This site is great for place to connect and support homeschoolers.


Get to chat with other parents about kids, homeschooling, parenting and education.

Our Homeschool Forum:

This site helps homeschoolers find great inspiration, reviews, free resources, news, videos and information they need.

Leaping From the Box:

You can find homeschooling and unschooling resources & articles to assist you in your homeschool journey.

Local Homeschool:

Local Homeschool offers a database of fully searchable homeschooling support groups, information and news.


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