5 tips for a happier homeschool

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Written by contributor Rachel Wolf of Clean and Lusa Organics Skin Care

Homeschooling can be such serious business.

Each day you juggle more tasks than a CEO.

Learning styles, lunch, and laundry.

Geometry, groceries, and gardening.

Disputes, diapers, and long division.

It’s a big job you’ve taken on. 

And yes, also the most rewarding.

Even so, sometimes I get a little too serious about it.

Mired in the day-to-day, I forget how blessed I truly am.

I turn “life” into “work” and forget to have fun.

When that happens I need to remind myself to lighten up, relax, and enjoy the ride.

(You know. To balance out the occasional neurotic self talk of “Please, oh please, homeschooling mama. Don’t screw this up.”)

So let’s get to it. And take this journey up a notch.

1. Count your blessings

Is your life perfect? Of course not.

But is it brimming with blessings? Absolutely.

Mine is too.

I recently began posting a weekly list of blessings. And it’s changing me.

Make a habit of keeping track of everything that makes your life beautiful.

Involve your kids in projects to nurture gratitude.

And watch your list of what you are thankful for expand.

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