10 Suprising Benefits of Homeschooling

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Benefits of Homeschooling

Coming up with a decision whether to homeschool your kids or not is really a challenge. Most especially to first timers and to those who are on solo flights. So before drowning into a lot of readings in preparation to homeschooling, let’s take a look on some of the benefits we are not expecting from this.

  1. You can stay up late.Since the children doesn’t have to go somewhere else for their education, there will be no bus to catch or lunch to prepare. This can give you more “me time” when the kids are already fast asleep. You can read a good book, catch up with your favorite TV series or you can just sit back and relax and enjoy a movie.
  2. You can sneak and take your time surfing the net. Without any kids around, you will have the liberty to check on your emails, update your social networking sites and also read a lot of blogs and materials readily available in the net regarding homeschooling and being a mom. In this manner, you can keep yourself updated with everything without sacrificing any mommy role you have to play.
  3. You can teach your kids how to prepare food while enjoying.
  4. Every chance can be a getting- to- know you chance with your kids. You have a lot of time to get to know your kids well since you do happen to spend a lot of time together while learning.
  5. You can have healthier kids. Aside from having everything they eat under your watch, you can spend the afternoon lessons outside while enjoying some fresh air.
  6. You’ll get the chance to review your past lessons. You can definitely get the chance to get to know Armstrong, Einstein and a whole lot more of peoples and events from the past while teaching your kids.
  7. You’ll get a chance to learn some DIY. Next time your water pipes broke, you’ll know how to do it.
  8. You can enjoy theme parks without the queue. You can take a day off with your kids on a weekday and enjoy the theme parks without the hassle!
  9. You can have a healthier bod. You can enjoy exercising or running around the park with your kids while having them memorize the periodic table!
  10. Lesser expenses. You cut the budget for uniforms, school services and unexpected projects from school!


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