What to Teach When Homeschooling Second Grade

Second grade builds on knowledge and skills gained in first grade while exposing children to increasingly more complex topics. Here’s a simple guide for what to cover and develop in second grade:

What to Teach When Homeschooling Second Grade

Second Grade Language Arts

In second grade, children are usually developing a greater understanding of the use of language. This includes basic grammar rules, definition of second-grade level vocabulary words, and basics like capitalization and punctuation rules. At this age and stage, children can typically use both nouns and verbs correctly and have an understanding of action and descriptive words. Children at this grade level can usually read grade level books silently and aloud, using phonics to decode unfamiliar words.

Second Grade Writing

Now that your child can write simple sentences, he or she is likely ready to write longer sentences and even short stories. Your child’s short story should have an easy to identify beginning, middle, and end, and use correct punctuation and capitalization. Spelling and penmanship should show some improvement over the previous school year.

Second Grade Math

In second grade, your child’s understanding of math concepts should continue to grow. He should be able to solve word problems, skip count by 2s, 5s, 10s, and 100s, and write and identify four-digit numbers. He or she should also be able to tell time to the nearest five minutes, work with whole numbers on a number line, estimate sums of 10 and 100, and use English and metric units of length in measuring objects.

Second Grade History

Second grade is an appropriate time to teach about important people in United States history, important celebrations and observances, traditions, and the roles families play in society. It’s also a good time to teach about communities and roles in communities. Children at this age and stage should also explore maps, including local, state, and world maps.

Second Grade Science

Second graders typically learn about life science, physical science, and earth science subjects, including such topics as matter and energy, animal life, plant life, cycles, and pollination. Second graders also focus on subjects such as weather, gravity, rocks, and soil.

Second Grade Health

Second grade health often covers topics such as the bones and muscles of the body, personal hygiene, and the importance of rest and proper nutrition. Second graders may also learn about germs and illnesses, safety rules for everyday activities, and ways to deal with bullies.

Second Grade Art

Second graders continue creating and exploring art using different mediums and tools. They may also view art, learn about famous artists, and observe art in its various forms.

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