Gauging Your Child’s Learning Style

learning style of kids

In order for you to give the proper education that your child really deserves, it is best to evaluate and assess first your child’s learning style and pace. In determining your child’s learning capacity, you should always keep in mind these following tips:

You should be aware of the three main learning modalities of children.

There are the auditory learners. They are kids who learn from mainly talking or listening. They don’t require reading to learn. Aside from that, there are what they call the visual learners who learn fast through watching videos and seeing images. The last one will be the tactile or kinesthetic learners who learn through participation and experience.

Know your child.

You should always be vigilant with every single thing your child does whenever you are with them. Take note on his reactions to certain events like a scene in the movie he’s watching. Learn how he responds to the natural things happening around him and you will be able to identify what type of learner your child is.

Support your child’s potentials.

If you see your child getting interested in music, support him. Give all the love and understanding you can give and tell them it is okay to explore other things.

Highlight your child’s strengths and boost his weaknesses.

As a parent, you should be aware of what his strengths and weaknesses are. And from there, you can create or look for learning curriculum that would definitely help him in managing his strengths and weaknesses.

Let your children be aware of what type of learner he is.

In that manner, he can also engage himself to things that could definitely help him learn – at the same time have some fun.



I absolutely agree with these statements. I have always said you have to know your child first before making any major decisions. Not every rule will work for every child.

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