Homeschooling: How to Minimize Distractions



There are lots of times that children tend to cross the very thin line between being at home and being homeschooled. If not discussed and explained to them properly, they might think that homeschooling is good because they have the liberty to do everything in a more relaxed way. This should not be the case. You should tell your kids that they should still be serious even though they are learning from home. Sounds difficult?

The following might help:

  1. Layout a tangible schedule for your kids to follow. Present them with a concrete schedule and tell them that this should be followed accordingly.
  2. If your child is in the proper age, ask him what his interests are and what he wants to learn. By doing this, you can start formulating lessons that he really wants to learn and focus more on them. You want to support your child in everything he likes right? But of course, parental discretion will still come in handy.
  3. Give them homework. This might sound redundant but give them homework. This can help you evaluate if they really understood the lesson for the day and also if they can manage their schedule on their own.
  4. Encourage proper attitude and conduct. Even though they are so comfortable with you, you should always remind them that proper speaking and good behavior is still needed. Punishments can be introduced here.
  5. Patience. Being a parent and a teacher at the same time can be very stressful. This can also be absorbed by your children. Practicing patience for both of you can help your child learn more from you.
  6. If boredom strikes, try something new. Doing the same things over and over again can bore your child and can make him lose his concentration and interest. Try changing the routine once in a while to regain your child’s interest.



Liz @ Yes/No Films

Makes sense – I could see that little kids would think they’re still ‘at home’ and not ‘at school.’

Crystal Wachoski

Makes total sense. These work well for people that go to public school as well.

Ron Leyba

Great tips you laid in here. Thanks for putting this up, I really find it useful for me and my kids.

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