What to Teach When Homeschooling Seventh Grade

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Seventh grade builds on knowledge and skills gained in sixth grade while exposing children to increasingly more complex topics. Here’s a simple guide for what to cover and develop in seventh grade:

What to Teach When Homeschooling Seventh Grade

Seventh Grade Language Arts

Among the things your child should demonstrate the ability to do in the seventh grade are read literature and react to it clearly both verbally and in writing, identify adverbial phrases, use adverbs for comparisons, use proofreader marks, and correct work in terms of capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and basic grammar. Your child should also be able to understand abbreviations, symbols, and phrases, point out cause versus effect, and correctly identify antecedents and pronouns. By the end of seventh grade, your child should be able to read, spell, and use vocabulary words at a seventh grade reading level.

Seventh Grade Writing

Seventh grade writing typically focuses on the improvement of writing skills by producing narrations, opinion passages, and explanatory works. Your seventh grader should be able to effectively write dialogue, write comparisons, write descriptively, use figures of speech, and use reference materials for writing content without plagiarizing.

By the end of seventh grade, your child should be able to solve ratio, proportion, percentages, unit conversion, and base rate percentage problems, use square roots, and solve basic geometry problems. In this year, your child should also solve problems involving graphing, the coordinate plane, probability, angles, slope, and scale drawings.

Seventh Grade History

Among the topics your child should study in the seventh grade are Medieval Chinese and Japanese civilizations, the bubonic plague, the feudal system, the Ottoman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, and the disintegration of the Roman Empire. Seventh graders should also learn about French Revolutions, the Industrial Revolution, and the Scientific Revolution as well as historical figures from each of the areas studied.

Seventh Grade Science

Among the topics your child should study in the seventh grade are common diseases and first-aid procedures, positives and negatives of immunizations, grooming, and posture. This year should also include exploration of pre-teen growth and development as well as factors that affect growth and development. This year’s health study should incorporate examination of the physical, social, and emotional effects of sexual activity.

Seventh Grade Health

Among the topics your child should study in the Seventh grade include common diseases and first-aid procedures, the effects of narcotics, and the endocrine system. Your child should also learn methods of expressing and dealing with positive and negative emotions.

Seventh Grade Art

Seventh graders continue creating and exploring art using different mediums and tools. They may also view art, learn about famous artists, and observe art in its various forms.

For more details on what to teach when you homeschool Seventh grade and the other 13 grades, check out our Year-by-Year Teaching Guide for Homeschoolers.

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