Sensory Play DIY Recipe: Silly Putty


Every kid loves silly putty because it’s squishy and messy. If you have carpeting, keep this as a kitchen or outdoor only activity.

Silly putty is fun to play with, they have a unique texture and their chemistry is definitely therapeutic.

Who knew you could make it out of simple ingredients you probably already have lying around the house?

Sensory Play DIY Recipe: Silly Putty


• Pitcher
• 4 oz water + 2 cups of water
• ¼ cup Borax Powder
• 4 oz Elmer’s Glue (school or glitter glue, NOT washable.)
• Food Coloring
• Bowl
• Fork or spoon


In the pitcher pour 2 cups of water. Add 1/4 cup of Borax powder and stir for 30 seconds. There will be borax that doesn’t dissolve, that’s ok.

In a large bowl pour 4 oz of clean water. Add 4 oz of Elmer’s Glue (store brand is ok).

Add desired amount of food coloring and stir until it’s well blended.

Add 4 tablespoons of the borax water to the bowl of diluted glue and stir continuously. It will begin to get thick and stick to the fork or spoon.

Add 1 tablespoon of borax water at a time to the bowl and stir until there is no watery glue left.

Then Scrape the bowl with the fork and remove all of the putty from the spoon. The silly putty will be a little watery at first.

Flatten, fold and knead putty until the consistency is how you want it.

Store in an airtight container or plastic egg to preserve.

Tip: For transparent glitter putty, use glitter glue instead of traditional white glue.


Picture-8-300x168This Sensory Play recipe was provided by Katie Vega.

Katie Vega is a mom of 5 in Columbus, Ohio. She is an internet marketer, marketing/branding consultant, and e-book author. She began her career in the Network Marketing industry in 1999, and over the years has totally transformed her business to use her passions and talents. In early 2013 she left her job to build her business at home part time so she could homeschool her children.

One of her passions and goals is to show moms with ADHD or behaviorally challenged kids how they can manage the chaos at home and run a profitable business without losing their mind!

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Nina McClain

I love that silly putty/goo is coming back! I loved making it as a kid.


I think my kids would really enjoy this. I’ll have to come back to it when there isn’t a shortage of Elmer’s glue. LOL


My daughter makes this all the time. Kids take it to school to help anxiety.

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