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Nikki Madison is a longtime freelance writer and editor who just happens to be a homeschooling parent as well. Home educating since 2001, Nikki is a passionate supporter of educational choice.

Why The Homeschool Movement Is Growing

No Longer on the Fringe: The Homeschooling Population Continues to Grow To some, homeschooling may seem like a relatively new trend, something that only just started over the last 10 years or so. The reality, however, is far different. Home education has taken place since as far back as 350 BC, with Alexander the Great….

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Black History Month Ideas for Homeschoolers

Black History Month is celebrated every February across the United States. Modern Black history typically begins with the 1800s and continues through to the present day. There are many different ways you can incorporate learning about Black History in your homeschool lesson plans. The story of the African-American population can best be understood through the…

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