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5 Tips for the Math-Anxious Mom

A Guest Post Teaching math to your kids can be a homeschool dream – or a sheer nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be! Encourage your kids to have a love of math, even if you don’t. Try out some of these tips for teaching homeschool math. By knowing these simple tips, your kids can…

I Don’t Love Math, So How Can I Homeschool My Child?

I Don’t Love Math, So How Can I Homeschool My Child?

  Susan, a homeschooling mother, hated math. She always had. She said this in front of her children. As a result, Susan’s children hated math. They consistently scored below grade level on standardized tests. Quite often, they did not get through their math curriculum because they chose to skip math whenever possible. Eventually, all of…

Math Never Tasted So Good

Math Never Tasted So Good By Cheryl Bastian Our children love math! It hides in their sandwiches, seasons their spaghetti, and sweetens their apple pie. From the time our children peek over the table edge or push a chair up to the kitchen counter, they investigate, predict, collect data, and discover. The result: they understand….

Your Child Can Be Good at Math

Your Child Can Be Good at Math By Deborah Reed There’s a mystique about math that applies to no other subject. It’s as if humans were divided into two types: (1) those who are good in math and (2) those who aren’t. No one says: “I’m just not a history person” or “English is beyond me.” Yet…