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Building Bricks of a College Fund Plan

Building Bricks of a College Fund Plan

College costs continue to skyrocket – at a pace that far exceeds the rate of inflation. But there is a bright side to planning for college expenses, and it’s getting a little brighter all the time – thanks to federal tax breaks that can make paying for college more affordable. The key point to remember is that you can create a college funding plan brick by brick, by combining a variety of investment accounts, tax benefits and financial aid sources. Here is a quick guide to get you going:

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Save, Spend, and Give Online with Virtual Piggy

Are you currently teaching your homeschooler the value of a dollar by learning how to save, spend, and even give online?  I would like to introduce to you Virtual Piggy.  Virtual Piggy, is the “safest” alternative for children to do just this. How does Virtual Piggy work? Parents sign up with their preferred method of…