Free Lesson Plans: The Missing Mitten Mystery

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Missing Mitten Mystery

Title: The Missing Mitten Mystery
Author: Steven Kellogg
Illustrator: Steven Kellogg
Ages: 3 & up
Description (from Amazon): Annie and her dog, Oscar, have had a busy day playing in the snow. Somehow Annie’s red mitten has disappeared in all the fun. They look high and low. . . . It’s not on the sledding hill, and it’s not by the snow castles. Maybe an eagle carried it off to keep its baby’s head warm. Or maybe a mouse is using it as a sleeping bag. When the sun goes down, Annie and Oscar have to give up their search and go inside. But when Annie looks out the window, something red catches her eye. . . .

With entirely new full-color illustrations, this beautiful version of the beloved picture book The Mystery of the Missing Red Mitten retains all the charm of the original.


This lesson is a wonderful compliment to our free Winter Theme Unit study. Children will learn about the characteristics of a mystery, learn observation skills and discuss a time when she or he lost something.

Discussion Points:

Ask your student the following questions:

    • Ask your child if she or he knows what a mystery is.
    • Before you read the text on each page, point out the pictures and ask your child what is happening.
    • Ask your child to remember a time when he or she lost something.  How did s/he feel?  How did s/he find it?
    • This story is full of imagination (an Eagle soaring off with the mitten, a mouse using it for a sleeping bag).  Encourage your child to think of creative ways the mitten might be used.


  • Learn more about the elements of a mystery
  • Try one of these mitten math worksheets:
  • In the story, Annie had to re-trace her steps to try to find her mitten.  See if you can find your way through the mitten maze.
  • Play a game of “hide the mitten” at home, using your own mittens.  Make it even more challenging by using more than one pair of mittens!
  • Ask your child what could be done with only one mitten.  Print this template and write about it.
  • Make your own mittens from an old sweater (instructions below). If your child is too young to use a real needle & thread, make a mitten lacing card by printing this template onto card stock and punching holes around the edges.

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