Cranberry Honey Butter Recipe

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This is a great option for hostess gifts!

They (literally) whip together in no time and keep in the refrigerator for about two weeks.  This will allow you to make them all up ahead of time and just grab one on your way out the door.


Add a fresh loaf of local bread or some tasty crackers if you like and you have the perfect gift.

Cranberry Honey Butter Hostess Gift 1

Cranberry Honey Butter Hostess Gift 2INGREDIENTS

½ stick of soft butter

¼ cup of whole cranberry sauce

2 tablespoons of local honey

a few cracks of fresh ground sea salt

4oz mason  jar

dainty glass spoon or wood spreader knife

parchment paper and twine for wrapping

Ingredients listed will fill one 4oz jar. Use this handy website to help figure out exactly how much you will need for larger batches.


Get the full directions by visiting the Divine Miss Mommy.

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