10 Tips for a Happier Homeschool

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Tips for a Happier Homeschool

Whether you are just starting out or have been homeschooling for years, sometimes it can be a challenge and sometimes, you may find yourself in a homeschool slump.  This most definitely does not make for a happy homeschool environment.  Who has been there?

If you are currently experiencing this, there are ways to overcome and have a happier homeschool through it all. Granted, we will all have our days and there is no such thing as “Happy” all the time.  The idea behind a happy  homeschool is to be at peace with how you approach it along with learning styles, etc.

I have compiled this list based on my personal homeschooling experience.  These tips I need to apply daily as they help me stay focused and determined.

  1. Start your day with a positive outlook.  Focus on things you know you can accomplish instead of bashing and saying “I can’t do this, or I can’t do that, I’m failing my kids.”  A negative attitude will only reflect off your kids causing a miserable homeschooling environment.
  2. Be flexible.  Don’t expect to get everything done in one day.  If you want that, then you would have sent them to public school.  Just focus on 2-3 subjects or topics and call it a day.  Kids are bound to learn way more when focusing even on just one subject in one day vs. cramming all the subjects into one day and not learning a thing.
  3. Make learning fun and take unique approaches.  Do something different instead of sticking to the books.  Do online approaches or even field trips for a visual and hands on experience.
  4. Keep your homeschool organized.  While it’s important to be flexible, it is also important to be organized.  If it becomes chaotic, you will lose your focus and forget why you are homeschooling in the first place.
  5. Around the seasons and holidays, take time off from the norm and do themed unit studies or lapbooks.  This makes learning fun and takes the edge off especially from the every day learning routine.
  6. Have pajama days once a week.  It’s fun to homeschool in your pajamas and a perk for homeschoolers as life is precious.  Live a little!
  7. Explore other learning options.  That way you don’t feel trapped and your children are able to try different things since all children have different learning styles.  What may work for one may not work for the other.
  8. Join a support group to be around other homeschooling parents.  Not communicating with others can often make you feel alone and cause homeschooling to be a drag and not worth your time.
  9. Reward yourself at the end of your homeschooling day with something you love like chocolate, etc.  We need to take care of ourselves.
  10. Last, but not least, get a good night’s rest.  As cliche as this sounds, if you are not getting the right amount of sleep a night, how are you able to focus and give your all to your homeschool?  Lack of a healthy rest means grumpy parent.  Grumpy parent then means miserable homeschool.

I hope these tips help you and your homeschool.  A happy homeschool is a motivated homeschool.

This post was written by:

Lindsey Clair

Lindsey Clair is a homeschooling mother of three daughters. She has been married fourteen years to her best friend Ron where he is currently a Solutions Engagement Supervisor for the State of Michigan at UPS. Lindsey possesses a degree in Child Development. She hopes to pursue a degree in Marketing and Advertising in the near future. She is currently a professional blogger and freelance writer for multiple sites and enjoys working from home while homeschooling her children. Lindsey is also a musician. She currently plays the piano and flute and sings. She was formerly the children’s director at her parents church as well as on the praise and worship team. Lindsey and her family are currently in a new transition with another church and waiting on what their next move will be. Lindsey’s hobbies include reading, shopping, blogging, and hanging out with family and friends.

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