3 Last-Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Day With Kids

Kid Friendly Valentine Ideas

2014 is off to a speedy start, and if you’re like many parents, Valentine’s Day has snuck up on you while you were busy with other things. The post-holiday, back-to-school, back-to-work weeks have a way of doing that to you, and extreme winter weather definitely doesn’t help. If this is the tune you’re singing this February, and you are just now remembering that Valentine’s Day is coming, here are 3 last-minute ideas for you:

  1. While heart-shaped candies and decadent chocolates are the traditional way to say Happy Valentine’s Day to your sweethearts, they are expected and common. If you, or your loved ones, have become bored with these gifts, consider cooking their favorite meal or introducing them to a new dish you’re sure they’ll love. Then follow it up with a delicious homemade dessert. Set the table with a red tablecloth and decorate the room with cut-out hearts and glittery streamers for a nice touch. You can even serve the beverages in disposable champagne flutes to make the evening more festive. As a bonus, you can have the family help you prepare the meal and get some extra togetherness time. Here are some dessert ideas:

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Fantastic Fudge

Caramel-Drizzled Brownie Hearts

  1. Give the gift of your attention. Managing a family is a busy job, which becomes even more time consuming if you work, help with homework, or shuttle the kids around to all of their activities. When the school/work day is over this February 14th, make it all about spending time with your loved ones. Go see a movie the whole family will love and then head out to dinner. For family fun, pick a restaurant unlikely to draw couples. As a bonus, you won’t have to cook! Alternatively, stay in and pledge to do some of your kids’ favorite things (games, puzzles, crafts, hide and seek), giving them your undivided attention. This means you walk away from the smartphone, close the laptop, and turn off the television.
  2. We really should show our loved ones how much we care every day of the year (and as a parent, you probably do). Why not spend this Valentine’s Day (or the Saturday following it) opening your heart to others. Get out and help someone less fortunate or spread some joy to the lonely or shut in, such as an elderly person who can’t get around as well as he or she used to. I promise, it will make you feel great and teach your kids an important lesson about giving to others.


No matter what you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, give your kids extra hugs and kisses, and enjoy your time together!




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