5 Flowers Your Kids Can Plant Inside Today

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So your kids love flowers, but you don’t have space for them? Or you do have space outside, but it’s too cold to even think about working the soil just yet? Maybe you and your kids just want to plant inside for an up-close-and-personal view of the plant life cycle or to beautify your home. No matter what the reason for focusing indoors, you’re in luck! Here are 5 flowers your kids can plant inside today:


  1. Marigolds: If your child has a love of bright oranges and yellows, get him started planting some marigolds. These flowers don’t require a whole lot of care, so if your kids forget to water them on time once in a while, they’ll probably survive. They grow rather quickly, but they do need a sunny window*. Care for them very well, and you can expect to see colorful blooms all year long.
  2. Orchids: Often, people overlook exotic plants when they’re gardening with kids, but the orchid can make a surprisingly good choice for the younger set. They do need a warm environment, so they won’t make a great choice if you keep your home rather chilly, but they don’t require much care. These flowers will grow in indirect light as long as it’s bright, and they often bloom for several weeks.
  3. Cactus: Okay, this is a bit of a cheat since it’s a plant rather than a flower. It’s included because there are many types of cactus plants that flower. This can make a good choice if you or your kids have had bad experiences with keeping plants alive. The blooms are pretty, and you can water them minimally (about once per week). They will need a sunny window, however. And watch out for those needles! A cactus may not make the best option for very young kids.
  4. Begonias: Though most people are used to seeing begonias outdoors, they grow well in the right indoor environment. They like it a little chilly, so you won’t want to keep your home too warm after planting. They need placement near a well-lit window, but they only need water every few days. Since they’re so hardy, they make a good choice for the kids.
  5. 5.     African violets: These flowers are fairly easy to grow indoors and add a beautiful splash of purple to your décor. They thrive in indirect light (medium to bright), and they need moist soil at all times. However, your kids will need to avoid overwatering and getting the leaves wet. They do like a warmer environment; about 65 degrees or above usually does the trick.


Keep in mind that some plants are toxic if children or pets ingest them. Others may irritate the skin if handled. Explain to your children that flowers are not for consumption, and keep them out of the reach of small children and pets.


*If your windows aren’t sunny enough, use grow lights instead.



I do not have a green thumb, but love planting flowers, so marigolds may have to be this momma’s choice! I love starting flowers from seed with the kids so they can watch the plant life cycle, so this list is very helpful.


I’m so glad you found it helpful. Little ones just love to watch their creations spring to life (literally!).

Emma @ P is for Preschooler

My daughter would love to plant some flowers – and it’s too snowy (still!) so maybe we should try inside. Marigolds sound like a good pick (we both forget to water them! lol!)


It’s still snowy here too! Starting the flowers indoors now will not only give you a nice head start on any outdoor gardening you might do this year, but it’s a real fun way to welcome spring!

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