Free Writing Journal Prompts

Free Writing Journal Prompts

Free_Writing_Journal_PromptsKeeping a writing journal is a fun, easy way to add some creativity, free thinking and problem solving skills to your homeschool routine.

Simply print out some free writing paper (or use your own paper), read the prompts with your child(ren) and let them freely write about that day’s topic.  When they have completed the assignment, let them read their writing to you and then file it into a binder.

Some of the journal prompts lend themselves quite nicely to drawing as well.  If you have the time and your child is inspired, we encourage you to allow them the extra creative freedom to illustrate his or her journal entry too.

At the end of your school year, children will have fun reading through their previous journal entries and you’ll be able to see their writing progress.

We recommend reading the finished entries together, but not correcting or grading them.  This should be fun activity!

All of these writing prompts can be adapted for younger or older students.  Where it is a good fit, we have included  Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced journal assignments.

We’ll be adding more writing journal prompt through the year.  Be sure to book mark this page and check back often!

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Name that Kid!


When you were born, you were given a name.  It might not sound very special to you because it’s the only name you’ve ever known, but it is special because it was chosen by somebody that loves you.

Did you know that every name also has a meaning?  You can look up the meaning of the name you were given here.  What does it mean?

What if you could give yourself a new name?  What would it be?  What does it mean?

Beginner: Write about your new name and why you chose it.

Intermediate: Write about your new name, what it means and why you chose it.

Advanced: Write about the name you have now and why you were given that name.  Then, write about your new name and why you chose it.

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Name that Kid!

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